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Looking for your best friend in college or high school, or a loved one you’ve lost sight of? When social networks make it possible to find a person quickly today. On the Internet, we leave an additional trace of our passages every day, sometimes without even realizing it …

Sometimes by posting a photo of our dog on Facebook and giving his name to it, we also leave hackers with clues as to our possible answers to our secret questions … But when the person you are looking for is not on the networks or is walking around under a nickname like Eric De Marseille it is more complicated! How to find someone you want!

How do you do a simple search on the internet?

The easiest way is to type your first and last name into a Google search engine, for example. But if your friend’s name is Martin or Dupont, the number of answers might put you off! There are sites like or that can help. School and corporate social networks sometimes have millions of users and certain websites such as Internet Users (Copains D’Avant) also allow you to launch a search ad.

How do you do a search without the internet?

Nowadays it gets complicated to find a person without the help of the internet! However, this was possible before the fully digital era! Think of the old phone books that a person could be found in as long as they weren’t on the red list! We were all looking for the number or address of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend in our teenage years … Siri and Ok Google didn’t exist!

It is therefore necessary to contact information by telephone if you know where the person you are looking for lives. Otherwise, you’ll have to call a private investigator, but it’ll cost a hell of a budget. The services of private investigators are often reserved for worrying enforced disappearances that are not cleared up by the police.

The Pandore Institute, a publisher specializing in educational works, has a quite interesting book on finding people. “Learn How to Conduct an Investigation” explains the detective techniques you can use in your research.

How can you delete your “trace” on the Internet?

If you type in your first and last name on Google, you will inevitably come across old photos, current passages or even a résumé submitted a few years ago. Clearing your data from the internet isn’t easy, everything is there.

It is possible to file a complaint with the CNIL. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Jarretera

However, here are three important things to do if you want to remove your identity from the internet, or at least limit the impact it has on your personal life:

Delete your social network accounts because it is on these networks that you will leave the most traces! Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat … These are certainly a lot of accounts that have to be deleted, but the operation is essential if you want to revert to anonymity. Logging out of Internet sites … Even more tedious than deleting your social network accounts, the accounts on the sites are numerous … You must create an account to place an order or a competition. If you want to go away, you have to make it go too! JustDelete can help you with this tedious work. It redirects you straight to each site’s opt-out page. As for AccountKiller, you can find the sites where you have an account … To make your research easier … ask the CNIL to delete your data! Some sites refuse to close accounts and you must accept these terms without necessarily reading them when registering! It will undoubtedly be necessary to use the services of the CNIL to submit an online complaint. And most of the time, these procedures are successful in making you go away!

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