How do men see gender equality in the company?

The Woman Forward Foundation is an organization whose mission is to create value in organizations, by promoting female leadership.

One of the fundamental pillars of the aforementioned foundation is scientific research. Currently, the Woman Forward Foundation is carrying out research titled “Men’s Vision for Gender Equality in Business”, launched in collaboration with the University of Comillas and other members of the Think Tank of the Woman Forward Foundation.

This research focuses on assessing the level of men’s personal belief in gender equality in business.

87% of the management committees of large companies are made up of men, so it is impossible to ignore the weight that this has in the decisions taken in companies. In view of this high number, the importance of analyzing men’s opinion and perception of gender diversity in work dynamics in companies or in the implementation of equality policies is underlined.

The objective of this study is to identify the real obstacles and unconscious biases, but also the possible solutions, to achieve equality and improve the strategic alignment of companies and therefore their competitiveness. To do this, we are seeking the participation of men from middle management on the board of directors of companies, by carrying out the following survey.

The survey is available until December 21 via the following link. Then, quantitative data will be analyzed to determine opinions and to glimpse the perception and possible prejudices of men within organizations. This will be of great help in drawing specific conclusions on why progress is not being made on equality and in proposing actions for improvement. Companies participating in the survey will receive information on the results of the study and the data collected will be treated confidentially and comprehensively.

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