How do you think digital transformation will affect the world of work?

INQUIRY | How do you think digital transformation will affect the world of work?

The happiness of an employee will not only positively affect the person himself, but also the advancement of digitization is unstoppable. In just a few short years, the number of companies that have launched or are approaching the process of digital transformation has multiplied, exponentially … it has increased by thousand to thousand. And right now, 83% of companies in Spain are already approaching the digital transformation process from human resources.

The digital transformation of the business is the ultimate change management challenge. It not only affects the structures of the industry and its strategic positioning, but it also affects all levels of an organization; every area, task, activity and process, and even its value chain. The main aspect of digital transformation is the interdependence and interconnection of all business processes; that all activities are perfectly coordinated with each other.

For this reason, from Coffee Break, the digital television program RRHHD, we have launched, like every week, a survey to get the point of view of our readers and viewers on the digitization of jobs, in particular, and the market. businesses, in general.

On this occasion, in the next Coffee Break program, we will talk about the impact of digital transformation on the world of work. Responding is very simple, a simple click on this link is enough. Among the options you are considering, you will find the following four:

This will kill many jobs and reduce the importance of the human factor Many jobs will disappear but new ones will emerge There will be changes in the way tasks are performed but the human factor will remain decisive This will not mean a big change in the short and medium term

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your point of view with thousands of readers, vote now! and don’t miss the resolution of this investigation in the next coffee break program.

Click here to vote in the survey “How do you think digital transformation will affect the world of work?”

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