How do you turn a home office into a safe, sustainable and efficient space?

The formula is based on the use of original materials recycled and resulting from sustainable production, the reduction of waste to a minimum, the reprocessing of production losses to reach 0% of waste and waste, the optimization of processes and the anticipation of future legislation

BY RRHHDigital, 2:45 p.m. – February 26, 2021

New models of work, from the home office to hybrid and flexible spaces, must not only be efficient and productive, they must also be safe, sustainable and facilitate the well-being of their users.

It’s time to reconsider these spaces from an integral perspective that goes beyond the functionality and practicality of furniture, envisioning a sustainable and environmentally friendly value chain that includes design, materials, production process, finishes and packaging.

Actiu, a leader in the design and manufacture of solutions for workspaces and hotels, leads this trend by promoting different initiatives aimed at creating hybrid spaces and versatile, more efficient, healthy and safe corporate environments, where user experience is a key success factor. .

“Today, thanks to technology and our DNA, we know that we can manufacture without destroying,” explains Soledat Berbegal, director and director of brand reputation at Actiu. of the premises of our family business, thinking in the long term in the care of people and the environment In fact, in recent years, Actiu has become the first industrial company in the world to obtain Well V2 and Leed Platinum certificates, which certify the company’s headquarters as a healthy and sustainable space, guaranteeing the well-being of working people. indoors and take care of their outdoor environment. But we want to go further and help our customers and the users of our products to integrate sustainability into their spaces and to use recycled materials that help the planet ”.

Melamine 0% formaldehyde. Melamine is a key material in the design and manufacture of furniture. Their creations have evolved thanks to the progress of printing, which allows to faithfully reproduce the natural elements and to adapt to the latest trends in decoration and architecture. Actiu has been a pioneer in Spain by incorporating 0% formaldehyde melamine in all its product offerings in a standardized way. In addition, 85% of the boards are recycled, low isocyanate glues are used in their edging and the product design is optimized to take advantage of 90% of the boards. The rest is used as packaging material. Plastic. Actiu is a reference in plastic injection to manufacture products between one and ten kilos. The remaining 100% of production is reused to manufacture new parts with an irrelevant level of functional requirements and strength. In addition, Actiu technology allows the addition of antibacterial and flame retardant additives to increase user protection. Polyurethane foam. Actiu manufactures different foams with densities that offer breathability, insulating capacity and lightness, establishing a balance that guarantees durability and comfort. PUR is aseptic, which ensures that there are no germs that can cause infection. Since 2020, Actiu has been producing its polyurethanes with HFO, instead of HFC, which will be banned in 2023 and is working on continuous improvement so that its production losses are minimal. Steel. The steel used is 100% recyclable. It is a light steel – less weight and less CO2 emissions in its transport – and its processing by suppliers is carried out with clean energy. Aluminum. Actiu uses 100% recycled aluminum from the automotive industry, the most demanding in terms of quality. 93% of production losses are fed back into the process of creating new parts and the rest is used by a third party to manufacture parts with less surface and quality requirements. Paintings. The treatment used makes it possible to cover the product in a homogeneous manner, optimizing the use of the raw material. New pretreatment reduces energy consumption and prevents spills. The paints used are free from volatile organic compounds, dangerous air pollutants. In the process, 93% of the paint is used and the rest is used to make asphalt. In addition, Actiu reuses all the process water, generating 0 residual rejects. Fabrics. Actiu incorporates options from recycled plastic bottles as well as others that reduce the concentration of viruses into its fabric offerings. Packaging. 100% of the cardboard used is recycled and 100% recyclable. The film used is 100% recyclable and the bags 100% compostable.

Actiu formula

Actiu’s formula is based on working with local partners with the same philosophy, the use of recycled original materials from sustainable production, the reduction of waste to a minimum, the reprocessing of production losses to reach 0 % of waste and waste, optimization of processes and anticipation of future legislation.

“We are a family-owned industrial company convinced that what we do has a positive impact on people, but also on our planet. Everything we do is aimed at the sustainable and highly efficient manufacturing of products that help improve people’s lives, their productivity, in a safe and healthy way that promotes well-being in any space, both in new ones. I work hybrid spaces as in offices ”. says Soledat Berbegal.

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