How does this affect employee motivation?

Inconsistent Technology Investments in Businesses: How Does It Affect Employee Motivation?

The latest research published by Ricoh found that technological frustrations undermine the motivation and engagement of midsize businesses. One in three employees struggle to stay engaged when working from home due to communication and technology issues, a 16% increase from August 2020.

Ricoh’s survey of 573 office workers at European companies with 251-1,000 employees, finds inconsistent investment in technology negatively affects motivation as employees struggle to find time to lead personally rewarding or valuable performance. Tasks. This highlights the risk that more talented employees will leave the company to work for another with a digitized way of working, more profitable and better suited to their working habits.

Almost two-thirds (65%) believe their business has digitized processes to mimic customers, partners or competitors, rather than assessing a specific need. When looking at the relevance of their employers’ digital processes, two in five respondents (39%) say they don’t have real-time information to properly engage with customers. Meanwhile, only a quarter (26%) say their business has invested in digital or e-commerce tools to improve the customer experience.

However, despite all the new technologies implemented, the workload of employees has not been reduced. Indeed, 42% consider that the technological platforms adopted during the pandemic increase their workload, rather than reduce it. At the same time, a third of workers are feeling the pressure to stay connected longer, which is a 13% increase from last year.

The adoption of telecommuting and new ways of working has also raised concerns about security vulnerabilities. 45% of employees admit to being concerned about inadvertently sharing files with the wrong recipient through new digital channels. At the same time, a similar percentage (47%) believe their bosses are using technology to keep tabs on them while they are working from home.

Ramon Martin, CEO of Ricoh Spain and Portugal, explains: The pandemic has been an opportunity for companies to rise to the challenge of the digital evolution they have been waiting for. It is surprising that some have made investments to keep up with their competitors, without looking at internal investments to maintain the level of motivation and engagement of their employees. Investing in technology and embracing new ways of working should be driven by the real needs of your business, your employees and your customers. Because every company has specific technological and communication challenges, and only then will it be possible to identify technological solutions offering the maximum impact.

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