how employers view the current job market

Hiring freezes or flexibility as a new mantra: how employers view today’s job market

One in two employers is optimistic about the situation and the evolution of the labor market in 2021. This is observed in a survey carried out by, the job search portal, which commissioned a study on the state of mind of workers and employers in the 6 countries where the platform is available. By country, according to the results, in Spain 42% are optimistic; in Portugal 37%; and in Italy 33%, being much more careful.

Here are the main conclusions drawn from his latest study on

Recruitment will improve, but it will be more difficult to access a better salary

About 1 in 10 employers believe they will be forced to maintain a hiring freeze policy due to the pandemic. This percentage rises to 15% in Spain. However, 55% of companies are continuing their recruiting activities: 14% only for key positions, 23% do not change their plans at all and 19% plan to hire more than before the pandemic.

And on the issue of wages, the Spaniards are still conservative. While in general the percentage of employers who can guarantee salary increases is 43%, in Spain this figure drops to 21%. Percentage not far from their Italian (23%) and Portuguese (20%) neighbors.

Increase flexibility and support for new employment trends

The pandemic, like all crises, has accelerated phenomena that are already underway. In line with what is happening in the rest of the world, flexibility and the possibility of working from home are the new mantra for more than 58% of Spanish entrepreneurs, so much so that there are even those who are starting to think of a reduction. on office use (6%).

Sensitivity to psychological support is also increasing, with 25% of companies planning to put specific measures in place. Of course, social distancing, the use of masks and disinfection, the use of plexiglass screens and temperature measurement will also remain constant in 2021.

The most important thing is to secure the future to attract talent

In uncertain times, it is very difficult to offer guarantees that go beyond the immediate to attract the best talent. Job security, a positive view of the company’s development and offering a clear career path are the best tools companies feel they have today. And it is that all this is even more valued in the hiring phase than a salary increase. And of course, it is also essential to be able to guarantee compliance with occupational health and safety.

It has been a very difficult year for everyone, but the companies are not giving up. In Spain, businesses and job seekers are incredibly resilient. They continue to face challenges in adapting to an ever-changing environment. With the introduction of vaccines, we can expect more optimism from employers for longer term plans. Most recruiters will conduct their recruiting activities aware of the importance of investing in talent and skills to meet market challenges and this is a positive sign.

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