How have working conditions changed in Spain?

Equality in companies: How have working conditions changed in Spain?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to improve all aspects of life. One of them concerns equality at work. In 2007, the organic law for the effective equality of women and men was published. Since then, much progress has been made in this regard.

The latest report from the Adecco Equality Observatory, prepared by the Adecco Group Institute, shows how working conditions have evolved in Spain in recent years.

The document shows that almost 60% of companies fully address harassment in their equality protocols. They include references to sexual and gender-based harassment, as well as workplace harassment.

There is also a decrease in the number of companies that do not have specific protocols to combat harassment at work. The drop is 10 percentage points, from 31% to 21%.

The awareness of companies in this area is increasing. Concretely, the number of companies where the harassment protocol is managed by an entity or persons outside the company is increasing. Despite this information, around 80% of organizations choose to manage it with internal resources and means.

In 60% of cases, corporate equality plans include measures to prevent or combat gender-based violence.

In 2021, 64% of companies already have an Equality Plan. This figure has increased by 17 percentage points. Remember that a year ago only 47% of companies had these plans.

According to the Adecco Equality Observatory, there are already 9 out of 10 companies consulted, or 89% of them, which already have a plan or are in the process of negotiating it, while in 2020 they were 81% . Only 11% of the organizations consulted have no plan or forecast to start working on it.

It should not be forgotten that the development of these equality plans and their adaptation must be done in a negotiated manner with the legal representation of the workers.

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