How important is it to have a professional translation service?

Whether it’s work problems, finding a new way of life in a country with a different language, or for study reasons, more and more people need to translate documents. Whatever the reason, it is best to turn to a professional translation service.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 22 July 2021

A professional translation service is essential if we are to achieve the best possible quality of the message. Many people say it is easy work, but this will only be true if we are under the experience of real specialists. Technical translations specializing in professional fields, or in the field of entertainment and digital marketing, require the work of professionals so that the message is clear and concise.

Today, translations are considered one of the most widely used language services around the world. There are different reasons that led to its popularization, among which we can mention:

Looking for a different way of life offered by other countries. This is a phenomenon that has been happening for many years, where people often seek alternatives to their lifestyle outside of their home country. In many cases, they may migrate to places whose languages ​​are different from their mother tongue. Another case would be that of students. During their research, they may find information on the topic of their interest or related studies in languages ​​other than those they speak. Finally, we can cite the phenomenon of globalization with which the market at the commercial level has internationalized. Therefore, companies have found it necessary to translate their messages into the respective language of each of the countries where they offer their products.

These and other reasons make it necessary to seek help from someone who can effectively translate the message, but do we know what makes a quality translation?

What makes a translation a quality product?

Before knowing the answer to this question, we must keep in mind that when we talk about translation, we are referring to a creative process, where a message is transformed from one linguistic code to another; or what is the same, from one language to another.

However, a good translation goes much further than that. It is not only a question of changing one code for another, it is necessary to have criteria to correctly interpret the message. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the context of what you want to say.

This process requires not only knowledge of a language, but of a culture. What makes it necessary to have real specialists.

Rely on specialists

At present, the translation market has opened up so much that they are required for the translation of official legal documents (or as it is also called sworn translation).

The seriousness, the commitment and the quality of the documents are just some of the advantages of using a professional translation service.

Companies like Alphatrad, have real professionals legally authorized to translate official documents. This type of company has specialists in various fields, which guarantees the correct understanding of the information.

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