How many of the 750,000 ERTE workers will definitely return to work?


COVID-19 in data: how many of the 750,000 ERTE workers will definitely return to work?

The month of November maintained the trend of the last months in terms of employment: jobs continue to be created, with 31,638 more contributors than in October, although the number of unemployed registered in the employment offices remains higher 3.8 million, after increasing by 25,269. This is reflected in data released today by the Ministry of Labor

BY RRHHDigital, 10:40 – 02 December 2020

But this month’s stats also bring something new to watch out for. These are the new ERTE for limitation and ERTE for prevention, which were launched in October and have for the first time data which gives the measure of their scope. Thus, at the end of November, nearly 750,000 people in Spain were affected by an ERTE, of which nearly 80,000 were affected by a depreciation ERTE and 117,000 in ERTE limitation.

In any case, and with an eye already fixed on the year 2021, ERTE will be one of the keys to observe closely. After the strong impact the pandemic had on jobs during the March-May lockdown, the trend that followed was of a gradual, albeit uneven, recovery. All the while, the government has opted for ERTE protection to avoid permanent job destruction.

As we move towards administering the vaccine, the closer we are to being able to assess whether this was a wise decision. Time will tell, as the next year progresses, whether after the ERTE will come the permanent reincorporation or whether companies choose to lay off once the six months of job retention to which they are obliged after the passage of the ERTE.

The evolution, from month to month, in the number of workers affected by ERTE is a reflection of the ups and downs of the evolution of the pandemic. Thus, those of November, respond to the restrictions that many autonomies imposed during the last month in an attempt to stop the second wave. But, for the positive official forecast for 2021 – after the collapse of 2020, the OECD yesterday predicted economic growth of 5% in Spain – to materialize, ERTEs must know how to achieve permanent reinstatements.

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