How much is the security of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan and Meghan: Amount of money spent to protect Prince Harry and Megan has been revealed

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Prince Harry and Megan receive $ 2-3 million in security each year. Security expenses are given by Prince Harry from his personal account. Last year, the British royal household suppressed Prince Harry’s security.
Prince Harry and his wife Megan of the British Royal Kingdom are making the news after a recent sensational interview. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the royal couple revealed that the British royal house has stopped funding them. Prince Harry even went so far as to say that while he was staying at an acquaintance’s home in Canada, he received short-term warnings that Buckingham Palace was removing its security with immediate effect. Since then, this royal couple has been spending themselves for their own safety.

2 to 3 million dollars spent
Now, Forbes recently interviewed four security experts and claimed that Prince Harry and Megan, who live in the United States, spend around $ 2-3 million (Rs 14 million to 21 crore) on 24-hour security. 24. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace declined to comment on this claim. In recent times, relations between the British royal family and this royal couple have been stressed.

Where is all this money going
The budget to protect Prince Harry and Megan is spent on a variety of different security arrangements. Prince Harry currently lives with his wife Megan in a 7.4 acre mansion in Montecito, California, United States. Dozens of gun guards are stationed at all times to protect this peddler. To protect the mansion from outside intrusion, the wires were looped with electric fans.

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Huge expenses in convoy too
Whenever Prince Harry and Megan travel anywhere, they escort them to the ground. It is made up of armed guards and their personal assistants. Security experts monitor social media around the clock and stay in touch with local law enforcement to minimize potential threats.

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After Canada, this royal couple now lives in America
Prince Harry and Megan were previously guarded by Britain’s Metropolitan Police. But, in February of last year, his security was suddenly dismantled. He was living in Canada at the time with his wife. In April 2020, Prince Harry and Megan moved to Los Angeles. He first stayed with billionaire filmmaker Tyler Perry. Then Tyler also arranged for his safety. He then moved to Montecito Mansion, California.

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