How much preparation time do the examinations of judges and prosecutors take?

In 2020, many have considered opposing in the context of Covid-19 and the increase in public employment in Spain, but the differences are notable between the different oppositions. The survey conducted by Opositatest among more than 5,000 candidates for public employment reveals some differences.

27% aspire to a post in the Ministry of Justice, 24% in regional posts and 17% in general administration. The others, and with lower percentages, aspire to be part of the Ministry of Finance, local places, universities, followed by the health sector, the Ministry of the Interior, the state security forces, among others. others, among the more than 100 oppositions that OpositaTest brings together on its platform.

Regarding preparation time, the most numerous opponents are those who have been preparing for 1 to 2 years (37%), followed by those who have been preparing for less than a year (29%), between 2 and 4 years (24 %) and those over 4 years old (10%).

If we take into account that the preparation time is linked to the harshness of the opposition, judges and prosecutors take the cake, given that 71% of those questioned applying for these oppositions exceed 2 years, compared to 35, 1% of half. In other words, it doubles the proportion of people who, on average, need this time to complete their dedication as an opponent. In addition, 37.4% of respondents who study for judges and prosecutors have been competing for more than four years, compared to 10.3% of all typologies analyzed.

At the opposite extreme are competitions at the local level and in the general administration, in which only 22% of their opponents have been preparing for more than two years, reducing to 4% the proportion of opponents to the general administration who have been in the General Administration for over four years of preparation.

On March 28, if there is no change, the first test for access to the judicial and tax career will be carried out in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valladolid, Granada and Valencia and the limit of said first multiple choice test will be marked by the first 1,200 candidates with the best scores.

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