How the moon was born: the moon forms near Jupiter like an exoplanet

Earth’s closest neighbor – the moon, how did it form? The answer to this question can be found in the results of a new search. Scientists first saw a moon born near a planet like Jupiter. A disk of dust and gas was moving near this planet, located about 370 light years from Earth. This is why these moons were born. Astronomers from the University of Grenoble in France carried out this study. This finding is important in many ways. Especially because the possibility of life on the moon present near a giant planet like Jupiter is increasing.

3 moons can become

This planet has been named PDS 70c and it revolves around the 54 million year old star PDS 70. The mass of this star is three quarters greater than that of the Sun and planets are still forming around it. Besides the PDS 70c, another planet PDS 70b is also present. According to astronomers, there is so much debris around PDS 70c that three moons like Earth’s moon can form here. Images from the ALMA observatory in Chile showed a disc 100 million kilometers in diameter from which the moon could be born.

When does the moon form?

PDS 70c is double that of Jupiter and takes 227 years to orbit its star. Dust and gas collide with larger objects and form a shape, but the whole process is not yet understood. Planets form their rotating discs within 10 million years of birth and within 4 billion years in our solar system. According to study co-author Dr Miriam Kepler, 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered so far, but all the disks have disappeared.

Will get a detailed map

PDS 70c and PDS 70b are the only two exoplanets being formed. They were discovered by ESO’s Very Large Telescope in 2018 and 2019. With this, the Advanced Extremely Large Telescope is being prepared in the Atacama Desert and it is expected that with the help of this, a map can be prepared in more detail.

Video: The moon is born showing scientists

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