How the Spanish video game takes it to the next level with colivings and coworkings

With each passing year, the video game industry is gaining more and more weight in the Spanish economy, to the point that last year the sector earned 1,747 million euros, according to the sector employer AEVI . In fact, according to the association’s latest directory, in 2020 this figure represents an increase of 18% compared to the revenues presented in 2019. In addition, the video game sector in Spain has generated more than 9,000 direct jobs and more than 23,000 indirect jobs.

This sector is not only in full expansion, but also requires specific needs, since in the creation of video games all kinds of professions are mixed: artists, designers, programmers, architects, musicians, photographers, screenwriters, editors … trades that often need to converge into a single space in order to create the best entertainment products possible.

One of the best solutions offered today to the video game industry are flexible offices, or coworking, because they offer the possibility for companies in the sector to be able to find the same space with other companies as diverse, with which they can work closely together as well. Likewise, environments such as Aticco Ecosystem not only offer coworking systems, but have also developed an ecosystem around talent, technology and creativity that enables management and workers of video game companies to perform their work in the best possible way, also offering coliving solutions. and help them grow.

When the video game development company Tap4Fun landed in Barcelona, ​​it started by opening its office in the Aticco workspaces in Urquinaona. According to Paola Macena, HR Manager in Barcelona at Tap4Fun: “We fell in love with the terrace”. In addition to the space, Macena says what ended up putting the cat in the water was the treatment from the Aticco team and the relaxed, professional atmosphere: “You can see the effort. of their team when organizing events and forming a community in which we can collaborate with each other ”.

One of the implications that the arrival of Tap4Fun had in Barcelona was the transfer of staff from outside Barcelona, ​​as was the case with Macena, with which, in addition to providing the workspace, Aticco also offered them the coliving service which is designed so that professionals can focus on their project without worrying about looking for accommodation or renting services and facilitates contact with other people: city ​​can be complicated, and the power to share the experience with people who are in the same situation makes it easier, ”he explains.

“The apartment is renovated and designed also for those who have to work from home. Also, having an Aticco contact person for anything that may arise on the ground is a big help when you want to invest your time in other things, ”says Macena.

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