how the sun will die: impact of life on earth after the sun dies

A colored light is often seen in the sky at the north and south poles of the earth called aurora. These auroras form when winds of charged particles from the Sun collide with the Earth’s magnetic field. Radiation from the sun can be harmful to humans and life. In such a situation, the magnetic field acts as a protective shield for the earth, but a new study has raised concerns about this. According to the study, the magnetic field will weaken over time and the storm coming from the sun will become more powerful. It will also have an effect on life on earth.

5 billion years later …

In a study published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomers calculated the intensity of these winds. We have seen what will happen to them in the next 5 billion years. By then, the Sun’s hydrogen fuel will start to run out and it will turn into a giant red star. The winds that come out of it will start to destroy the Earth’s magnetic field and the atmosphere will start to get lost in space. If by then life had survived on earth, then it would slowly begin to end from there. Astrophysicist Alin Widotto of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and co-author of the study, said the atmosphere on Mars ended in the same way, but had no field magnetic like that of the Earth.

What will happen to the sun?

Billions of years from now our sun will run out of fuel and the sun will begin to collapse under its own gravity. This will cause the outer layers to expand and become a giant red star. Eventually, it will disappear completely and turn into a white dwarf star. By then, due to the expansion of its atmosphere, the planets coming in its way will start to burn. According to NASA, Mercury and Venus will end, Earth could also have the same fate. In their study, the researchers modeled 11 different stars with masses between one and seven times that of the Sun.

Will there be new life?

The researchers discovered that at the end of life, the speed and intensity of the winds coming from the sun would be different. A planet will only survive this if its magnetic field is 100 times that of Jupiter and a thousand times that of Earth. Some astronomers believe that there may be life on planets orbiting white dwarf stars because the sun’s harmful rays will not reach it. No planet can withstand the heat of the Sun’s atmosphere, but if there is a planet with a strong magnetic field, then new life can be born there as well.

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