How to accelerate the transformation to a digital world through summer training

How to accelerate the transformation to a digital world through summer training

At the AICAD Foundation, we know that in today’s society, time is one of the factors that most influences the choice of training courses and we are increasingly committed to up-to-date, quality and , above all, fast and short term. .

The AICAD Foundation, in collaboration with Aicad Business School, presents a revolutionary rapid learning catalog, “Rapid Learning”, which uses neuroscientific methodologies to comprehensively develop the digital skills of organizations. AICAD Foundation, includes free programs for workers and the unemployed. In a commitment to a revolutionary digital culture and mindset of futuristic training, based on current social studies, which helps students grow professionally, brings them closer to the reality of today’s work and sets the direction of the labor market for years to come. come.

“Fast Learning” is a new training modality that develops short-term “design” knowledge tablets that seek deep impact on digital learning.

This training model is suitable for all types of professionals in the business world (managers, middle managers, office staff and support staff, etc.), as well as young graduates who are looking for practical knowledge to take advantage of opportunities and power. get their first job.

Fast learning helps accelerate the transformation to a digital world?

From the AICAD Foundation, this learning format is considered one of the most effective, as it takes the student from theory to practice in very few hours, thus avoiding excessive theorizing and immersion of the student in practical reference cases. A motivating system that offers simple, intensive and short instruction.

In the words of the CEO of AICAD: “training for work is, has been and always will be the main commitment to companies, professionals and society”

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