how to achieve 360 ​​well-being in business

Physical, emotional and nutritional health: how to achieve 360 ​​well-being in the workplace

WellWo, a healthcare company focused on corporate well-being, was born to improve the integral health of employees day after day, thanks to a digital platform, which implements preventive actions and promotes healthy living

BY RRHHDigital, 2:45 p.m. – March 11, 2021

The WellWo project was born with the objective of improving the health of companies and their employees so that they achieve 360 ​​well-being. WellWo is in charge of the implementation and adaptation to the company of the healthy platform that acts on the three pillars essential for global health: physical, emotional and nutritional health. In addition to these three needs, there is the fourth pillar, that of environmental health, as a corporate solution to support the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department.

It is an initiative that impacts employees through a series of tools in order to integrate these habits into their lives and, thus, improve their health and well-being. The result is healthier, happier and more engaged employees. For the company, this represents an improvement in the working environment, a reduction in absenteeism, better productivity results and an improvement in the image of the company.

They are presented as a transversal solution for the company and its employees. The healthy platform is an online service, responsive and available in several languages; Essential requirements so that there are no limitations of use for employees, regardless of where they are, what device they use or what language they speak.

The service performs an engagement exercise for employees and their families, as they can use it both in and out of the work context and the healthy platform adapts to the look of the company. Therefore, the user perceives the audiovisual content as an internal development of the company itself, which supports and cares for its team, strengthening the links.

In the words of Orlando Prez, CEO of the company, “we make ourselves available to companies to implement the health and well-being platform so that all promote the health of their workers through physical activity and taking care of their nutritional and emotional health. “.

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