how to act if it is withdrawn on the basis of a supposed improvement

The keys to the permanent disability pension: how to act if it is withdrawn on the basis of a supposed improvement

Permanent disability pensions are economic benefits aimed at covering the loss of income suffered by a worker when, due to illness or accident, his capacity to work is reduced or canceled. Depending on the requirements that we meet, we can be recognized with disabilities of up to four different degrees, which from the lowest to the highest are the following: partial for the usual profession, total for the usual profession, absolute for any job and severe disability.

However, data indicates that in recent years the requirement for medical criteria to obtain incapacity for work has increased. This not only resulted in the rejection of more requests for new disabilities, but many of those that had already been granted are also being canceled.

In the case of permanent disability pensions, it must be taken into account that they can be revised every two years, and social security can withdraw them if it detects an improvement in the condition of the person who uses them. . In many occasions these types of pensions are unfairly terminated, sometimes without even the mediation of any type of in-person review and with the sending of a simple notification.

If our permanent disability pension is withdrawn and we consider the decision to be unfair, the first thing to do is to consult with an expert law firm, such as dPG Legal, and consult specialist doctors who can assess our state. If we appeal and succeed in proving in court that the revocation is unfair, we will be able to get the permanent disability pension again.

And, if we have a disability, missing this pension can leave us in a very difficult financial situation. In other words, in case we have really improved, and if in due time the resolution of our permanent disability had a foreseeable improvement, we can get our job back, provided that no more than two years have passed.

Another option we have if we run out of our pension is to apply for a grant. To access it, you must meet the following conditions: have had a permanent disability pension which has been withdrawn for improvement, not have your own income above 491.40 euros per month, not be entitled to unemployment, and be registered for at least one month as a job seeker. If granted, this grant has a duration of 6 months (extendable up to a maximum of 18 months), and its amount is made up of 80% of the public indicator of multiple effects; or 430.27 euros.

In any case, dPG Legal recommends speaking immediately with specialist lawyers. They will be able to assess our options and give us the best advice, as each case is very different and must be approached with many personal factors in mind.

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