How to avoid possible financial penalties?

Equality plans in companies: how to avoid possible financial sanctions?

Mid-2019, Triangle Talent Solutions made a clear commitment to equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace. “We have decided to integrate a new division dedicated to the design and implementation of equality plans for our client companies, and we have started to integrate profiles with experience in this activity, to be able to carry out these tasks with the professionalism and technical solvency required when hiring. this type of service ”.

Almost two years later, we can say that the decision was very successful. Meanwhile, we have found that the workforce ratios for the compulsory registration of an equality plan by companies, have fallen to the current, that is 100 people (counted in peak periods), in the countries who have both the fixed structure and the staff hired temporarily, either directly by the company or through others.

That is to say that since the beginning of this month of March 2021, all these companies are required to have their equality plan already registered in their autonomous community. And that ratio will drop to 50 from March of next year (2022).

Many companies have taken advantage of the difficult downturns in these times of pandemic to catch up with this problem, and they have done well as the labor inspectorate is already starting to send out requirements to verify compliance with this standard.

The implementation of this plan in companies remains a very little known aspect which still generates many doubts in companies, but also reluctance and resistance to change in the first moments. And the fact is that the implementation of these plans is a real process of change for many Spanish companies.

Desde el inicio de nuestra actividad de esta materia, una de nuestras recomendaciones a todas las empresas que nos han pedido información, directamente oa través de los diferentes informativos webinars que hemos organizado, ha sido realizar el Plan de Igualdad siempre integrado global de una estrategia Human ressources.

One of the keys to working with strategy is to be very clear from the start where we want to go. Our strategic objective when we approach the Equality Plan in our company, must be to improve all the emotional aspects, through the absolute eradication of the gender inequalities that unfortunately we have been dragging for a long time, such as the so-called “gender “. gap. gender ”, the“ glass ceiling ”, harassment situations, and so on.

During the year 2020, we were able to specify one of the aspects that most interested and worried companies, such as the change of their processes, and the improvement of quality and management to achieve this objective.

In the early moments of implementation, the question is always how will my business improve with this plan?

And once completed and registered, this is what our corporate clients highlight and appreciate the most:

Creation and implementation of a written, objective and up-to-date selection process that serves to attract talent regardless of subjective issues. Creation of written training plans. Creation of internal promotion systems and tools that help to objectively detect talent and create development and career plans, eliminating suspicion and prejudices about the fulfillment of responsibilities. Adaptation to complex regulations such as remuneration, thanks to the payroll register and the salary audit (mandatory for all companies with more than 50 employees from April 2021). Updating or implementing professional classification and job description systems. Improving social communication through the approach of positions between companies and works councils, providing advice. The implementation of reconciliation measures and plans, as well as regulatory updates. Implemented to comply with legislation and avoid sanctions and issues related to sexual harassment and gender violence.

As can be seen, many possibilities and changes can emerge after a diagnosis and the implementation of an equality plan.

We have found that the most attractive subjects for the field of human resources and its managers are the provision of tools and knowledge on job classification, remuneration, selection and promotion.

These aspects are essential for all, because they affect working conditions in equal opportunity, motivation and satisfaction within any company, and it has been shown to improve productivity.

What we see in particular after having well designed and implemented an equality plan is that it provides companies with the tools to select on an equal basis, to use internal promotion in an objective, transparent way, and with solid criteria and tools. So that they use and maintain an objective labor system of equal value, where the classification of the agreement is complemented by clear objective internal systems, in which the workforce, regardless of condition, age and his gender, is clear about his duties, responsibilities and remuneration.

And, in short, tools and training for fairer and more transparent businesses, where normal behavior is aimed at achieving business goals, not inappropriate behavior, and where, if they can arise, there are mechanisms for correction and sanction, especially in the case of sexual harassment.

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