How to change default apps in Windows 10

As you all know, Windows 10 is a Microsoft-owned operating system that pre-installs several apps and services (which we’ll call “default apps”) so that we can use our PC at full performance from the first start. , without the need to install third-party software.

However, it is very common for users to install third-party apps and programs. Photo editors, browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, music players, video players like VLC, email clients like Thunderbird and a long etc.

Even if we install these programs, the default applications will remain Microsoft’s. What does it mean? If, for example, we want to play a movie, it will be played in the “Movies & TV” application and not in VLC. If we want to open a link, it will open in Microsoft Edge and not in Google Chrome. And so with all the situations you can imagine.

Here’s how you can easily change default apps in Windows 10

Fortunately, this is not something without a solution. While Windows often detects that we’ve installed third-party software and asks us what we want the default app to be from now on, there will be times when that doesn’t happen and others when we’ve changed our minds. on the default application.

To change the default Windows 10 apps, just type in the search bar (located on the taskbar next to the start menu icon): “Default apps”. This will take you to a screen like the one you see in the attached image. There you can select the app you prefer for each action. If you want to make more advanced use of this function, you just have to click on the option “Choose default applications by file type” and leave everything to your liking.

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