How to choose the right printer and save on cartridges

Printers are a necessary evil. It is a necessary device, although not so much more, that it is most frustratingly obsolete. However, we have to use them, there are documents at work or in our life that cannot be used in their digital variant.

So as we have to use a printer, we have to choose it according to our needs. In this article, we’ll help you choose a printer from a myriad of options. Not only by focusing on functionality but also on cartridges or their durability. Buying genuine spare parts is not the same as buying compatible Brother ink cartridges.

The key question, how much will you print

This must be the fundamental question we must ask ourselves. In some cases, if we print a little more than 3 pages per month, we do not rent a home printer. It is more interesting to go to a store and pay for this service.

However, from 20 to 30 pages per month, it is more convenient to have a printer at home. For people who frequently use the printer, you can use an inkjet printer. If you plan to use it occasionally, inkjet printers may end up with dry ink and we will lose the cartridge.

In general, and with the price difference, it is more interesting to bet on a laser printer. We have them available on Amazon or El Corte Inglés for less than 100 €. While a multifunction inkjet printer is available from 49 €.

The printer beyond printing

This is where the rest of the features come in. If you are going to use the copy or scan features extensively, this may be of interest to you. But remember that applications like Office allow us to scan with our smartphone.

So we have to weigh whether we are really going to use the options offered by a multifunction printer or whether, on the contrary, they are going to be an unused addition. Often times, features are offered that we never use.

Other times, functions like printing over WiFi allow us to disconnect our printer from cables. This is a great addition to be able to work from our smartphone, tablet or laptop without physically connecting to the printer. This feature, at least in a private way, is very interesting and we totally recommend it.

Beyond the first use, cartridges

Choosing the right printer can help us save money. Not at first, but in ink cartridges. In the past, some brands differentiated compatible cartridges from official cartridges. However, other brands like Brother make it easier for us to recommend them, not only for the printer but also for compatible ink cartridges.

The durability of the cartridges and the quality of the compatible refills make having a Brother or Lexmark printer an excellent choice. With printers, you have to consider the issue of spare parts, otherwise the cartridge may be more expensive than the device itself. We also remind you that Samsung sold its printer business to HP.

So take a good look at your needs and product reviews. Normally they are not very useful, but with printers they can inform us of their long term behavior.

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