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News tip Biomutant, class guide: How to choose your breed, what are the characteristics … our guide Published on 05/26/2021 at 6:44 PM Creating your character is the first step in your adventure in Biomutant. You can choose his breed and natural resistances, place his statistical points and give him the style that you like the most. We provide a detailed guide to the five different classes of biomutants to help you make this crucial decision. In Biomutant, you are offered to determine the class of your mutated ronin. Each class has their own talents that can be unlocked later in the game. Since the display of these talents remains rather obscure during character creation, we offer our complete guide to Biomutant classes here.


Maverick gameplay is focused on firearms and mostly non-automatic rifles or pistols. He starts the game with a talent available to all other classes, Perfect Reload, which allows your weapon to quickly reload on a QTE and deal more damage with the next magazine. Maverick traits are: Trigger: Non-automatic rifles deal 20% more attack damage. Fast reload: The reload time for ranged weapons is reduced by 25%. Sniper: Non-automatic rifles gain 10% increased critical chance. Flinger: Carrying a pistol in each hand increases your rate of fire by 20%. Gunslinger: Carrying a pistol in each hand does double damage.


The command has qualities both in hand-to-hand combat and at a distance. He also has a small shotgun bonus among his talents. He also starts the game with an automatic rifle. Two of its properties greatly improve its abilities when its health is low. Fur: ​​Attacks with ranged weapons do 10% more damage. Stimulus: Your armor and damage done by melee attacks are increased by 20% when your health drops below 20%. Adrenaline: Your attack speed with melee weapons is increased by 10% when your health drops below 20%.% Chance to stun a small enemy. Violence: Critical damage from ranged attacks is increased by 10%.


The Psionik starts the game with the Lightning Ball, a simple psi attack. Its properties focus solely on ki energy and potency damage. It’s a wizard-like class, and most of its damage is based on intelligence. Cerebro: Your Ki regeneration is increased by 20%. Brain Fusion: Attacks that deal Power damage have a 10% chance to critically hit. Psionic Spikes: Potency attacks 10% more damage. Brain Drain: Potency damage attacks regenerate your health by 20%. Night: During the night, your intelligence attribute is increased by 10 points.


The saboteur begins the game with the Wung-Fu Ambidexterity technique, which allows him to carry a weapon in either hand. His characteristics mainly improve his dodging and speed, which makes him a real acrobat. Hypergenetic: The energy cost for dodging is reduced by 20%. Reflexes: Ranged attacks with ranged weapons have a 10% chance to fail completely. Agility: Your evasion distance is increased by 20%. Moving target: your base movement speed is increased by 5%. Stealth: Your armor is increased by 20% when you dodge and / or are in the air.


The sentry has many and varied talents. Improved survival, melee damage, crowd control effect, its properties make you strong enough to enter the fight without worrying too much about the number of enemies around you. Increases by 10.Doc: The health regeneration gained from items or in general is increased by 10%. Ricochet: Enemy attacks with ranged weapons have a 10% chance to ricochet off the attacker and inflict damage. Invincibility: Your armor and damage caused by melee attacks are increased by 20% when your health is at its maximum. Balance: Evade “to” a smaller enemy will drop them. Also Read: Getting Started With Our Complete Walkthrough For Biomutants By Cutesurvivor, writing from MPTwitter

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