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Jobs of the future: how to choose your career path

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 03 July 2021

Thousands of students from all autonomous communities have taken the University Access Assessment (EBAU) in recent weeks to have the opportunity to choose their professional path before July 2. Specializing in a field is essential in the search for employment, and that it is digital, multiplying the possibilities of greater employability. An up-to-date and quality training course guarantees students a high probability of finding a job. For those who still do not know which sector to choose, the IEBS Business School, the first digital online training school, points out the most promising professions:

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has become the new reality for the promotion of businesses, which require professionals trained and constantly updated. Developing a good marketing strategy, interpreting and analyzing data and optimizing the user experience are keys to generate constant business opportunities. In fact, 78% of companies plan to hire more marketing experts this year. Studies show that demand will continue to increase and that 2 out of 3 available positions will not be filled. Scrum Master: The Scrum Master is a project facilitator. He is in charge of leading the agile management of projects in an organization. We could define its main function as that of bringing the different work teams to achieve their objectives by eliminating any difficulty or blockage that could interrupt their progress. In the boom in project management, becoming a Scrum expert is a good option. According to studies, there will be a 33% increase in demand for professionals trained in project management over the next 5 years. This means that 3 of the 5 proposed positions related to project management will not be filled by 2026. Blockchain Architect: Blockchain has become a trend in the technology sector. It is a set of technologies that make it possible to maintain a decentralized, distributed, synchronized and secure record of the information with which electronic devices operate. The management of these tools is used more and more in companies and, therefore, the Blockchain expert is part of the careers of the future. UI Designer: Behind every digital product is a UI Designer. This professional is responsible for creating unique experiences so that the brand becomes part of the user’s life, the ultimate goal of any product, especially digital. Therefore, user experience and digital product design are essential. UI designers are able to manage a digital project using design tools with which to create unique and intuitive digital products that will be part of our daily lives. Cyber ​​security expert: Businesses and organizations of all kinds are faced with an increasing number of cyber attacks on a daily basis, but professionals trained in this field are still insufficient. The threat is growing with digitization and any business must be able to manage, store and above all protect its data. This is why the role of cybersecurity experts is increasingly important. In fact, the global computer security market size was valued at $ 156.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 10% from 2020 to 2027. Growth Hacker: You could define Growth Hacking as startup marketing. It is a discipline which is not yet completely extended, but which is developing by leaps and bounds, and which seeks, with the minimum possible expenditure and effort, to rapidly and significantly increase the volume of users, of income or impacts of a business. . The goal of the Growth Hacker is to grow taller and every decision you make is for him. The basis of Growth Hacking is data driven marketing with project management and sales aligned touches. Big Data Expert: Big Data or the analysis of huge amounts of data is one of the branches of knowledge that is developing the most in recent years. More and more industries are joining the trend to analyze all the information they have, either through the interaction between people or through the interaction between people-machines or machine-machines, called the Internet of Things. The demand for data scientists increased by 46% in 2020, so training in Big Data makes it five times easier to be hired by a technology company. CFO and Fintech: Along with Blockchain technology, technological advancements such as payments from mobile devices have dramatically changed the way finances are managed. To date, 2 out of 3 transactions are done entirely online. 40% of jobs in the financial sector will be replaced by machine learning and it is estimated that this sector could be worth more than $ 300,000 million by 2022. Therefore, with the pressure to stay ahead of the competition and Continuously adapting, there is a growing demand for talent in fintech and blockchain who have the capabilities to handle this highly disruptive technology. Digital Product Manager: The mission of the Product Manager is none other than to coordinate all the teams involved in a product. This includes from conceptualization to launch, as well as timely changes to the process, marketing plan, sales tracking, etc. It is one of the careers of the future because the work of these professionals is essential when it comes to discovering new markets, developing new products and leading them to success.

“The labor market in Spain has changed a lot in recent years, in particular due to the acceleration of the digital transformation process,” explains Scar Fuente, director and founder of IEBS Business School. “For this reason, there are currently different areas of knowledge and professions that will be born, evolve or disappear in the years to come and it is important to take this into account when choosing the best option to start a professional career”, he adds. .

In this sense, the IEBS Business School offers the most recent programs adapted to the reality of business and the world of work in the most requested fields, such as Business & Tech, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Social Media and Human Resources. The aim is to take a step forward towards the future of education with a modern and innovative methodology that places the student at the center of learning by doing.

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