How to control your emotions when working under pressure

Jos Mourinho, one of the best football coaches of all time, is currently Brand Ambassador for global broker XTB, as his personal tactics have proven to be ideal for dealing with situations unfolding both in the the world of sport, as well as the world of finance and investment.

Good trading psychology, along with a thoughtful and creative mindset when managing a football team, are just as important as knowledge, experience, skills and strategy when working. is about achieving goals. After all, being able to stick to a strategy and make the most of knowledge and skills depends entirely on the ability to control emotions and act rationally independent of other external elements.

The two main aspects, both in the investment world and in the world of high competition, are discipline and risk management, as they are the ones that determine whether an adequate strategic plan can be implemented or not. In this sense, the two main emotions associated with these situations are fear and greed, as both can lead to the abandonment of planned plans and tactics. This is why managing emotions is a fundamental aspect of success.

Most of the time, fear arises when you are under the stress of taking risks, with victory or loss on the line, causing mistakes that would not normally be made. Another common cause of this feeling is the fear of being in the “wrong job”. Both problems can be solved if you have a solid strategy, dealing with the unexpected as they arise.

On the other hand, there is greed or overconfidence. This most often happens when an operation is working exceptionally well, the game goes with a favorable goal margin, and the manager decides to deviate from his plans and keep pushing. Greed often leads to a hot streak that ends in defeat early on. This can be avoided simply by being aware of the downsides of becoming greedy and overconfident.

On other occasions, situations arise that don’t turn out as expected, for which Mourinho advises: “I think it’s all about preparation, when you prepare for all kinds of eventualities it allows you to adapt more quickly and also eliminate the element of surprise. . But for that, it is essential to surround yourself with the right people, and I depend a lot on my team. There are so many tasks that a coach has to manage that you have to know that the level of quality is maintained even when you are not there. “

Coach AS ROMA and brand ambassador XTB, concludes: “once the whistle blows, I just focus on the game and, at that point, I don’t think about myself or my emotions, I don’t think about what’s in front of me. and what we need to adapt to what is happening “

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