How to create a functional teleworking space to be productive?

The current global situation around the coronavirus has forced many of us to change our customs and adapt to different modalities of work, study and play. Many companies, in order to continue their operations, have asked their employees to stay connected and work from home. I’m changing shape and the means of working have been easy for some people already used to teleworking; However, for others, you have been a challenge because their homes do not have the same comfort as their offices, which implies a decrease in productivity. If you’ve been wondering how to create the ideal space and function for telecommuting that promotes comfort and productivity, you’ve come to the right place.

Use comfortable and ergonomic furniture and desks

One trick to being effective at home is to turn a room or space into a kind of office. Some items that will be essential in achieving a functional workspace are: computers and devices with good internet connection, an ergonomic chair that adapts to the body and can be adjusted, an enlarged and spacious table that can accommodate accommodate the equipment and accessories required for teleworking; and, if you deem it necessary, a footrest. All of this furniture will make the difference between a space that motivates you to work and a space that makes you want to run away from work.

If while checking out your home you find that you do not have chairs, desks, tables or office furniture that are comfortable enough or suitable for daily work, we recommend that you check the VidaXL website, as this shop online sells all kinds of equipment and items for the home; In addition to being a reference at European level in terms of furniture and decoration for the home.

Good lighting, quiet space and nice decoration

When you become aware of an activity that requires mental effort and concentration, such as studying and working, these three factors are of vital importance. Good lighting prevents you from straining your eyes to be able to read, so working with natural light or incorporating a good source of artificial light into the workspace is recommended. As to the second factor, when we talk about a quiet space, we are referring to a place in the house that is as far away from noise and distractions as possible; so that your brain can differentiate this space from the rest of the house and you can focus more easily. The third factor, decoration, is important because working in a beautiful space suited to our tastes can promote motivation and disposition.

Buy office supplies

Many positions or jobs require the use of office supplies, such as paper, filing cabinets, files, boxes and file counters, staplers, punches, cutters, scissors, glue, pads, rulers, pens, rollers, markers, markers, notebooks, etc. . For this reason, it is advisable to have these stationery items on hand when working from home.

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