How to digitize the human resources department

In an era of selective lockdowns and social distancing, telecommuting has become a safe-conduct for the survival of many businesses. But it needs to be adopted quickly and effectively, which is a barrier, rather than a solution, for many businesses. Why Because many companies do not find the appropriate management tools to successfully digitize the human resources department.

Work strategies by objectives, management of absences, turnover, fluid and remote internal communication … All these factors pose challenges for the HR field in an environment of uncertainty like the one in which we live. And the leading software developers know it, which is why people management solutions, based on business intelligence and which serve as fuel for companies that decide to travel in the digital world, are already being launched on the market. .

The digitization of HRD: what areas should the 2021 workforce management software cover?

The digitization of the human resources department has prompted many companies to urgently seek management software. Tools which, with the added difficulty of doing it remotely, manage all your resources. Also intangible, such as employee satisfaction or motivation.

What aspects should personnel management software focus on in the digital age?


The most modern personnel management software integrates artificial intelligence. With it, it is possible, for example, to design micro-learning strategies. This learning system involves a series of applications that allow employees to improve their skills and competences. It only takes a few minutes a day for workers to learn to move like a fish in water during the scanning process.

Elimination of unnecessary stains

Freeing the team from consumable or low value-added workload is essential for getting the most out of working time, resulting in an optimal employee lifecycle. The situation generated has a positive impact on the company’s accounts.

Workforce well-being

The well-being and motivation of employees within the company directly affect productivity. To face this challenge, it is essential to find management solutions that integrate intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that help professionals adapt to their new working environment, so that they clearly perceive the benefits of ” perform their functions under the impetus of technology. .

Decreased rotation

Knowing the workforce better not only allows companies to develop retention strategies that avoid the costs of high staff turnover, but also speeds up the start-up of new projects, thereby ensuring their execution.

Time control

Companies, in order to operate in accordance with the GDPR, must have a digital clocking system that records overtime and overtime. But it must also allow workers to access all the information of their day and from any device. In addition to establishing truthful attendance checks.

Sage HR: a pledge of agile personnel management in times of uncertainty

Human resource management technology must be able to cover the administration of payroll, vacation or absence without losing sight of talent development. In this sense, Sage is launching new software on the market, which is particularly useful in a task as sensitive as personnel management. After all, the most important asset of companies is people.

How does Sage HR help cover all HR department processes? Then we will show you its most remarkable features:

1. Works in the cloud

A sine qua non for adopting telework is the remote management of the human resources department. But doing it in a streamlined and automated way is one of the benefits Sage HR brings to the business.

2. Provides a complete view of performance

With Sage HR, the user can share objectives and strategies in a transparent way, thanks to a complete feedback, resulting in a real follow-up of all the progress that the company is experiencing. This feature is, without a doubt, a great way to motivate the team, as they not only visualize their accomplishments, but also have a say in decision making.

3. Control your expenses and bills online

The automation of processes and recurring tasks within the HR department, such as managing invoices or transport and subsistence costs, is a fundamental requirement in order to be able to operate teleworking times without incident. From Sage HR, employees can submit their expenses, for example by photographing the receipt directly from the app, but also give specific permissions to control this access.

4. Recruit staff online

With Sage HR we say goodbye to the management of mountains of CVs or the eternal selection processes, which only hamper the flow of the day. From the system, interviews with candidates can be arranged and conducted or candidates selected on request. The result is an optimization of the time in the selection of personnel.

Management of vacations and absences, attendance control, generation of reports and statistics on personnel management … The management of all areas related to Human Resources from a single tool is now possible. The digital transformation of businesses is essential to their survival. Now more than ever.

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