How to evolve the HR technology system for public employment in Extremadura

Ayesa will develop the HR technology system for 15,000 public employees in Extremadura

How to evolve the HR technology system for public employment in Extremadura

Ayesa will modernize and improve the Sirhus system in Extremadura over the next three years. This technology focused on the management of human resources in public administrations was developed by Ayesa more than two decades ago and, during this time, it has evolved into a powerful platform with great functionality that is used in Andalusia , in Extremadura and the Canary Islands.

And it is that, recently, the Minister of Finance and Public Administration of the Junta de Extremadura assigned to Ayesa the service of strategy, continuous improvement, construction and operation of the information system on human resources of the Junta de Extremadura (Sirhus), for an amount of 1.5 million euros.

The objective of the contract is to improve the functionality of the software and to better cover the HR management processes, which covers a group of 15,000 professionals.

Sirhus is a tool for managing information on personnel procedures, in particular those related to jobs, the digital employee file, remuneration, social benefits, union management, selection and offer.

It is therefore a digital administration system that allows public officials, by electronic signature, to access their payroll, their deduction certificate or their training history.

This solution has been operational in Andalusia since 1999 and in the Canary Islands since 2002. Originally, it was developed in collaboration with the Junta de Andaluca, which is the one that transfers the application and the sources to other regional administrations. More specifically, it was in 2004 that the Andalusian government concluded a collaboration agreement with Extremadura, which aimed to decentralize personnel management and provide managers with an integrated, homogeneous and unified tool, in addition to creating a channel direct communication between the employee and the administration.

In Andalusia, the number of public officials managed reaches 65,000. It is used to calculate the wage bill, to participate in the processes of selection and provision of jobs, to apply for social management subsidies or to define models.

Likewise, one of its most prominent features is the processing of public job offers, as the system takes care of the entire process, from telematic participation request to award.


Under the new contract, in Extremadura, Ayesa will be in charge of software development and services for the operation of the systems. In addition, the realization of a set of projects among which stands out the construction of a new Digital Desk for the employee, a monitoring control panel (Business Intelligence) and a reengineering of the HR management processes supported by Sirhus.

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