How to extract value from employee and candidate data to make better decisions

How to extract value from employee and candidate data to make better decisions

Data analysis has also reached HR departments, both to analyze employee performance and productivity, and to find out who are the best candidates to work in a company. Therefore, knowing how to extract value from your own employee and candidate data is important in finding the best decision for the business.

For all these reasons, LMS (Leadership & Management School) is organizing the HR Analytics Discovery conference, a hybrid conference, both face-to-face and virtual, in which the importance of data to measure employee performance will be analyzed. and the skills of the candidates. to know how to extract information and use it for the benefit of our company.

To do this, Ana Valera, director of the school’s advanced program in people analysis and digital talent strategy, delves into the key aspects to understand this new discipline:

What is HR Analytics? Benefits and Applications of Human Resources Analysis The Big Five of Human Resources Analysis: Culture, Challenges, Data, Tools, and Team Human Resource Analysis Case Studies Across the Employee Lifecycle

The meeting will take place in person or by streaming next Thursday, January 21 from 9 am to 7:45 pm Places are limited so register by clicking here.

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