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When the heat returns and we all hope it will settle in for a few months, you may have trouble falling asleep! And everyone knows how much sleep is important for health. A restful and quiet night gives you a healthy start to the day!

But when sleep problems arise, it is sometimes difficult to remove them from our daily lives … and with them come anti-anxiety medications or relaxants that are naturally effective but can be addicting …

Not to mention the pasty mouth and the finally artificial nights! Our grandmothers had a few tips for a good night’s sleep … Who hasn’t tried chamomile tea before bed? Here are some tips to help you fall into Morpheus’ arms faster, better.

Prohibit screens before sleeping

We can’t repeat it enough: get screens out of bed! Screens expose the eyes (even with proper glasses) to blue light and prevent the brain from calming down! The prompts are so numerous when we walk on social networks! According to a study by the Regional Health Observatory, “nighttime use of screens is highly associated with sleep disturbance, even when used for a short time, and the relationship is of a dose-response type, ie the time the screens are used longer at night”.

This study conducted on adolescents shows that “17.8% of adolescents suffer from insomnia, 45% do not sleep well, 40% suffer from impaired sleep and 20% suffer from sleep deprivation”. And all because of the premature use of screens. This also applies to adults! Instead, drink some herbal tea before bed, your brain will thank you!

Allied plants for your sleep

Exactly the herbal teas! We talked to you about chamomile, that flower that can be picked in the fields … But in the category of calming plants we also find valerian, linden, passion flower, hawthorn, California poppy or lemon balm. … There are many infusions made from these plants, but you can also make them yourself!

The linden blossom infusion is made from the flowers, which need to be picked between May and June, remove the leaves, rinse and then let them dry. Then just put them in a biodegradable or compostable tea bag and dip them in the cup of boiling water! Dried linden is perfect for storing in an airtight jar … You can add verbena to linden, but mint should be avoided for sleeping!

Essential oils

Like plants, some essential oils have calming effects that allow you to rest through the nights. Be careful, however, not all essential oils are good for better sleep. Here are some recommended oils for quieter nights. They can be used as a diffuser or slipped under the pillow with a few drops on a piece of fabric.

Real Fine Lavender Shell Marjoram Bourbon Geranium Patchouli Sweet Orange Roman Chamomile Bergamot Petit Grain de Bigarade Ylang Ylang Green Mandarine

There is a wide choice, but our preference is green tangerine because of its sweet and subtle scent.

Organize a small evening ritual

That doesn’t mean checking out one last email before bed or finding out about your friends’ lives on Facebook … On the other hand, it’s good to get your brain used to a sleep ritual … the evening story, and maybe no one to tell you but that doesn’t prevent having a ritual!

Start by falling asleep at the same time every night (except for a fiesta with friends) … And best of all, getting up at the same time! Then you have the choice between a herbal tea by reshaping the world with your loved ones, we avoid the coffee and the evening cigarette!

You can also spend half an hour reading the latest Virginie Grimaldi, Les Possibles, which I recommend … funny or easy readings are more likely to help rest your brain! If all of these tips keep you from falling asleep, maybe try the club to turn yourself off.

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