How to fill the reservoir of team motivation?

Managing motivation is one of the main goals of People Managers. Having loyal and motivated employees is a dream of any business. How can companies influence the motivational load of their employees to maximize their results?

It is important to fill the tank … but also that it does not empty

For things to go well, the reservoir of individual and collective motivation must be full. This reservoir empties as the activity progresses, due to the passage of time and the wear and tear of daily demands.

A Harvard Business School study indicates that in 85% of cases, the internal motivation of the employee tends to disappear after six months of work. Therefore, one of the concerns of the company is to reduce this loss of motivation.

According to the aforementioned study, “Employee Motivation: A Powerful New Model,” people who work for a company are moved by four basic impulses:

Acquisition. We get satisfaction when we get something and we don’t like it when we don’t. This phenomenon does not only refer to physical goods, but also refers to “emotional” goods such as travel, experiences or events which make us improve our social status and which serve to recognize our efforts. Union. Understood as the feeling of belonging to a group. When it is in full bloom, positive feelings such as love and care increase. Its absence, on the other hand, causes loneliness and isolation. At work, this boost means increased motivation when employees feel proud to belong to the company, and vice versa when they feel undervalued. It should be considered especially with people who telecommute. Comprehension. Understanding the world around us and feeling part of it is very important. In a company, employees must be part of what is built together. In the workplace, the desire to understand explains the desire to contribute to the common good. This point promotes the retention of talent. Protection. Human beings need to feel protected from external threats. A company, in this sense, must promote the survival of each of its members, since long-term professional projects are built between them. If the collective results are positive and shared, individuals prosper and feel more protected.

According to this study, if a company manages to cover these personal motivations, the motivation of its workforce will increase by more than 38%.

How to fill the deposit: the emotional salary

Among the things the company must do to fill the motivation pool is its compensation policy. Compensation has long ceased to be an exclusively materialistic concept and also moved to an emotional level, along with other types of recognition. For example, according to a report by the Incentive Research Foundation, more than half of UK companies have stopped giving cash bonuses to their employees, introducing new incentive concepts. The result is achieved with a correct mixed compensation policy with money and emotional incentives.

A business can convert the provision of incentives into something more than compensation for daily working hours:

Incentives to obtain results: sales contests, internal recommendation programs, rewards for specific efforts, … Incentives for well-being: promote a healthy life, promote business initiatives for health, sport, food healthy, better access to culture, actions between colleagues, flexible hours, … Celebration of personal events: birth of children, birthdays, weddings, … Corporate events and celebrations: corporate birthday gifts , product launches, Christmas gifts, solidarity or volunteering campaigns, … Social services adapted to the personal situation: flexible remuneration, reconciliation of personal and professional life, teleworking, leave, training, …

By balancing incentive pay and emotional pay, the company can find more imaginative formulas that deliver reward with greater impact on motivation.

Gift cards: halfway between the cash bonus and the emotional gift

Many companies choose to offer a gift card in their motivational actions. In this way, the effect of surprise and warmth is achieved by delivering a gift with a personalized message, as well as the guarantee of hitting what the employee may need and for which he is grateful: from clothes to food, through gasoline, electronic products, beauty, culture, sport, …

Click & Gift, a pioneer in the development of digital incentive solutions, has developed an online gift card that facilitates the logistics of gifts, to the point that all management, shipping and use are done online. Perfect for telecommuting teams. The company decides how much to top up each employee, chooses between multiple customization options, while employees use the balance available in brands such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Decathlon, Ikea, FNAC, The Phone House, Pepe Jeans, Media Markt, Catch it and many more. Here are some of the options from over 50 online stores and over 3,500 physical outlets. Thanks to this solution, hundreds of companies in Spain are already rewarding their employees efficiently, comfortably and with the emotion of a real gift.

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