How to find a work plan B for the unemployed or people in ERTE with little training

How to find a work plan B for the unemployed or people in ERTE with little training

Experts analyze the skills and attitudes of candidates and match their profile to the current and future job offer

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – April 20, 2021

Half of the people registered in a temporary work regulation file (ERTE) in Spain belong to sectors such as hospitality or commerce and unemployment particularly punishes these segments. There are millions of people in this country without higher education who live in great job uncertainty because, although they have enormous possibilities to develop a professional career, they do not know where to go to find another job. These are people who have extensive work experience in their field but for whom changing sectors, without receiving additional training, is practically impossible.

Grupo Cumlaude, through its business school Mster Cumlaude, is very aware of this situation and is committed to collaborating by creating a reorientation service so that these workers can have a work plan B, that is to say that we focus on these people to guide their efforts towards other different sectors to which they feel attracted and for which they may have qualities, but in which there really is a current and future professional offer.

Those interested will be able to take a training-work orientation test through which experts from the world of work will analyze the attitudes and aptitudes of candidates and match this profile with the current job offer of companies and the one expected to be. ‘to be. created in the short term., medium and long term.

With the idea of ​​facilitating access to training, Cumlaude has created scholarships that will allow unemployed people or people in ERTE to access these higher training courses to obtain employability in sectors other than the usual sectors of tourism, the hotel industry or commerce which are very degraded. by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Expert Alejandro Durn will be giving a free online career transition seminar on Thursday April 22 at 7:00 p.m. where he will explain what to do to have a B work plan and what areas are most in demand. Registrations can be made through this link or through the company’s website.

“Over the past year, uncertainty has gripped many sectors and the crisis and unemployment of many workers has become inevitable. In this context, from Mster Cumlaude we want to help these groups to discover and promote new skills by looking for other work alternatives ”, explains Natalia Lanza, director of Grupo Cumlaude.

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