How to find freelance talent to integrate into franchises

Thanks to this alliance with the Catalan bank, the platform of independent talents is positioned as the perfect alternative for all franchises looking for independent professionals specialized in the sector.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:45 – 02 August 2021

Madrid-based startup WOKI and Banco Sabadell have reached an agreement so that both platform users and clients of the bank’s franchises and franchisees can benefit from the best conditions related to the development of your business, such as financing. and the most appropriate services for the management of your project and the needs of your business, as well as access to the best independent professionals in the franchise industry and many others.

Banco Sabadell is WOKI’s ideal ally to carry out this action, because it has extensive experience for both the franchisee and the franchisor. They are committed to facilitating the development of commercial initiatives in the franchise world, providing solutions adapted to the characteristics of each business model, both for the financing of the project or of the network expansion process, as well as for day-to-day management of the business. Their in-depth knowledge of the sector allows them to offer a differentiated and specialized service under the best conditions. As Gabriel Moy, Director of Franchises at Banco Sabadell comments, “At Banco Sabadell, we have been part of the franchise for over 25 years and we are delighted to continue to forge alliances and collaborative agreements with companies that help develop this business model.

For its part, the platform has developed its own specialization with “WOKI Franchises” after having detected new challenges and opportunities in the franchise sector. Profitability, productivity, innovation, adaptation and digitization are the five challenges of the franchise system that must be taken into account in order to continue to evolve in the situation of uncertainty that is occurring and which requires more and more changes from the part of companies.

In Spain, the teleworking and self-employment model are experiencing inexorable growth and WOKI wants to help companies have new tools to reach their target customers. “Through our freelance talent platform, companies will be able to commission the best projects with full advice,” they say of the company.

The idea of ​​this new platform is that SMEs and businesses can search for the professional profile of the freelance writer who can best help solve their business problems, according to the different categories, subcategories and other attributes that WOKI offers. And after finding the right candidate, the client can choose to purchase a single work session or request a full project. “Companies pay exactly what they need and always within very competitive price ranges,” says Juan Francisco Mejia, CEO and founder of WOKI.

Founded by entrepreneurs specializing in technology and consulting, WOKI combines knowledge, experience, commitment and passion in the belief of transforming the lives of SMEs and independent talents around the world through a highly innovative technological solution.

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