How to get the most out of Wolfram Alpha from Excel

The pace Microsoft is taking with updates is insane, including Excel. Those in Redmond have succeeded that we are barely able to keep up with all the news but, we are here to help.

Create a diet or get chemistry data, movies and more straight from Excel

In our example on YouTube, we preferred to show how the Wolfram Alpha data works on a diet. This is a perfect example before Christmas and it allows us to extract all the data that we might need. This way we will know what we are eating.

But in addition to this use, we can also do chemistry, geography, history or notes comfortably from Excel. It is not necessary to enter the data, it is enough to have some knowledge of English and we will have all the details.

The truth is, Excel allows endless ways of working and inserting data. But, in this collaboration with Wolfram Alpha, it allows us to access its databases without separating from Excel. A great way to get to work on certain elements without having to switch applications.

We need to lose the fear of working with Excel and start making the most of it. This app can help us with endless tasks and be much more organized. And you, what use do you see in this Wolfram Alpha database?

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