How to implement the “Agile Method” in your organization? Learn to take on new business challenges

How to implement the “Agile Method” in your organization? Learn to take on new business challenges

The “ agile method ” enables companies to respond to their customers in an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, speed and unpredictability

BY Irene, 1:30 p.m. – January 15, 2021

While many organizations still appreciate traditional leadership styles that prioritize getting immediate results or deciding which direction to take quickly, in a VUCA environment the critical behaviors are collaboration, empowerment, the feeling of belonging and the management of diversity in its broadest sense. Changing this way of thinking is part of the challenge facing organizations around the world, taking into account the main advantages of the “ agile method ”:

Improve quality. Minimize deliverable errors and improve customer experience and functionality. Greater commitment. Improve employee satisfaction and educate the team. Speed. Shortens production cycles and minimizes reaction and decision-making times. Increase in productivity. By distributing resources better, and in a more dynamic way, it improves production according to the priorities of the company.

Knowing how to meet the challenges of transformation

To meet these new challenges, from January 25 to 28, the Agile Trends Festival will take place, a free online event sponsored by Banco Santander and supported by many organizations. The aim of the festival will be to share and discuss the main challenges for 2021 and how to overcome them through agility. Additionally, managers, entrepreneurs and HR professionals will receive guidance to develop the roadmap that will help them become drivers of Agile change.

According to Pia-Maria Thorén, founder of Agile People and who will participate in the event, “the transformation process depends a lot on the culture and the organizational structure. In most cases, agility is a technology-driven transformation, but in traditional, tiered organizations it can be seen more as an innovation in the employee value proposition. But what is really important is that the agile methodology is effective in all types of companies, large and SMEs, and in all industries ”. Thóren will show how professionals can elevate their role and become a coach for the organization.

In addition, the Festival will feature the intervention of international Agile references such as Keynotes, among which Evan Leybourn, founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; Mary Poppendieck, author of the book Lean Software Development; Paulo Caroli, creator of Lean Inception, Sarah Elk, author of Doing Agile Right, and Javier San Félix, Banco Santander SEVP and COO of PagoNxt. The presentations will be translated simultaneously into Spanish and English.

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