How to improve employee engagement and skills with e-learning solutions

How to improve employee engagement and skills with e-learning solutions

With the update of its Talentia Training management module, Talentia Software offers HR departments and managers a unique digital, social, mobile and attractive experience. The solution makes it easy to attend training from anywhere and anytime, allowing you to develop your skills in an easy and fun way.

An e-learning portal entirely designed for students

Integrated into its HCM suite, the Talentia training module offers a solution to optimize the entire training management process; from collecting training needs to managing course sessions and feedback. The portal provides free access to courses, a microlearning space and a discussion forum with experts and other collaborators.

With its new user interface, the Talentia Training module is easy to use and therefore efficient while offering an engaging experience. Among its features, each user can now fully customize it.

Data analysis, training management and employee engagement through Talentia Training

With this solution, HR managers can benefit from a dashboard to have a global view of all the training requested. For their part, employees will be able to follow training courses and learn about their progress in the training management process.

The Talentia training module provides HR departments with an efficient and turnkey digital solution to collect, analyze and meet the training needs of employees. The training management process is streamlined and simplified to facilitate employee engagement and skills enhancement.

The tool also facilitates the necessary communication exchanges between managers and teleworking employees. Thanks to its global vision of employees, it offers great potential for analysis to improve the quality and efficiency of processes, control the work environment, identify risks and mobilize people and resources.

Develop a training offer for full student involvement

The Talentia training module offers total personalization of training. HR managers can set up personalized e-learning sessions and virtual classes. It also proposes the adaptation of the content of the courses, the management of the tests, the registration, the waiting lists and the certificates of attendance. With collaboration as a central focus, the solution allows you to rate courses, make suggestions, fill out surveys, and ultimately collaborate with HR and managers to improve training.

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