How to improve leadership and networking skills? This is the innovative course focused on women managers

How to improve leadership and networking skills? This is the innovative course focused on women managers

The Provincial Council of Alicante and Fundesem, the main business school in the province, are launching a new training project, called the “ Higher Public Leadership Program. Phase 1: Leadership for managers’, which is part of the training agreement between the two institutions and which aims to train all women who hold managerial positions, or aspire to develop in their career, through social commitment and a more participatory leadership style.

The President of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón, presented, together with the President of Fundesem, Cayetano Sánchez Butrón, and the President of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professional Directors of the Province of Alicante -AEPA-, Marcela Fernández, the pioneering training program for women focused on supporting women in management and innovation tasks. The event was also attended by the deputy for economic development, Sebastián Cañadas.

Cayetano Sánchez Butrón, president of the school, said in this regard; “At Fundesem, we have created a program of the highest level for women managers and entrepreneurs, which focuses on raising awareness of business and society on gender equality. This program is therefore a tool in the fight for gender balance in the company and the professional sphere. At the same time, it is a very complete and innovative program, where digital and business are its fundamental basis, like everything we do at Fundesem. “Also, he considers that” AEPA is a fundamental agent in the association of companies and professionals in Alicante. It is a necessary instrument, I would say indispensable. The work of Marcela Fernández and her board of directors is commendable. ”

Program objectives

Develop a strategic and global vision. Know a leadership model aligned with their skills. Strengthen managerial skills with an innovative and digital vision that enables executive decision-making. Acquisition of tools to overcome the specific challenges of gender discrimination that women face in their work. Share experiences and generate a new networking network to create effective relationships with other female managers and identify challenges and factors that hinder progress.

The training will take place at Fundesem’s premises and will be given every Wednesday, from Wednesday September 14, plus one Thursday per month until December 22. The program is divided into 2 blocks: block I, of 60 hours, will train students in managerial skills and block II, of 30 hours, in female leadership, for a total of 90 hours and combining the face-to-face modality with the online one. .

Likewise, during the program the participants will have a coach with whom they will carry out three individual coaching sessions, who will guide them to define and implement their Individual Development Plan. The objective of these sessions is to intervene individually in the relevant aspects that allow each participant to grow, accompanying the person in the process of development and improvement.

Also, there will be a teaching team of the highest level. All of them, professionals of the highest prestige in their field, opinion leaders and experts in teaching practical case courses as a methodology that will allow students to open their minds and take them outside the box.

In his statements, Sánchez Butrón also wished to thank the “trust and special awareness that the Provincial Council has placed in Fundesem to develop this pioneering training program in which the provincial institution contributes 50,000 euros dedicated to the granting of scholarships. to the women who take part in it to cover part of the tuition fees, according to the personal conditions of each student. “

Finally, it should be noted that the program also offers the opportunity to benefit from the networking generated by the Fundesem business school. A class composed of directors from the province of Alicante also allows connections, as well as new employment or business opportunities between the students.

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