How to improve online visibility? Tips and tricks!

Improving the visibility of your website can seem overwhelming. But there are plenty of SEO tips and tricks worth trying. This is because most of these tips that we will tell you are free and you will only have to spend a little time doing them.

Today we’re going to take a look at these 4 simple yet effective ways to improve your visibility online. This will increase traffic to your website and make it easier to reach your marketing goals.

Top 4 to increase your online visibility

These techniques are intended for beginners, but they are really fundamental to any search engine optimization strategy. That is, even if you have a large business or are an experienced salesperson, you should take these tips very seriously and review them periodically so that your website visibility is not affected.

1. Create a Google My Business listing

Google being the most popular search engine, this is where we need to aim and be at the top. As such, using the tools it provides is a good idea to improve your website’s visibility.

Google My Business is perhaps the most important tool for this search engine, so by creating your own business listing you are verifying with Google that you are a legitimate business which will undoubtedly improve your reputation with of your audience.

The 3 basics for creating a good business file are:

Enter your physical address. Add relevant images. Encourage criticism.

2. Take advantage of internal links

Most search engines, including Google, crawl websites with bots. These bots crawl every web page they can find on your site, but this is only useful for your visibility if there are easily accessible links to all of your pages and the links between pages have context and context. meaning.

A good way to increase the visibility of your pages is to help these bots understand what it is, and you do that by including internal links.

For example, if you have a car rental site, you can mention each service you offer and include a link to each service’s page.

Always try to create meaningful text in the link of the page and in an appropriate context, to get the most out of it.

3. Good space to store your website

Web hosting plays an important role in online visibility. This tool is what not only allows your page to be secure, but also to have good performance, load speed and prevent you from losing visits in the event of an unexpected drop.

The choice of suitable hosting is relevant because search engines do not position websites that do not respect certain elements. If you do not meet these characteristics, you will not be able to position your website, which will make you practically invisible to the millions of Internet users who surf the Internet every day.

The characteristics that your hosting must respect to achieve a good positioning of your website are:

Server stability. Place. Security certificates. Backups.

Newbies, due to lack of experience or budget, start with free hosting, but when they start to receive traffic or sales, they notice that they will have to switch options if they want to improve. user experience and grow their business.

Types of web hosting:

Shared hosting. Dedicated hosting. Elastic hosting. Virtual private server. Cloud hosting.

The different types of hosting are organized differently on a server, which is why before hiring one, check which hosting you should choose and go through each of the features they offer you, the best option is the right one. to your business and your budget.

Remember that a good hosting always frees you from the inconvenience in front of the search engines.

4. Don’t forget the hierarchy

To find out what every page on your website is about, search engines crawl for the keywords you use. That way, they know what results to show and what’s relevant in each search when a user wants or searches for something.

To do this, Google assigns a high value to specific parts of the content. For example, article titles contain the most important words in the article.

Each page should only have one title 1 (H1). After the section you must make 2 sections or titles, this allows a better distribution of the text and avoids blocks of words that no one will read.

So there is a hierarchy in the content and it looks like this:

Content of the H2 header

Sub-content of the H3 header

Sub-content of the H3 header

Content of the H2 header

Sub-content of the H3 header

Sub-content of the H4 header

Each headline should summarize the content you are about to discuss. So it’s ideal to include the most important keywords in headlines, especially H1 and H2.

With these little infallible tips, you will undoubtedly improve the visibility of your website in no time. You just have to devote yourself to fine-tuning the details that are missing.

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