How to keep teams connected in 2021?

On Thursday 26th, the digital meeting organized by Oracle and Activa Advice (Parangon Partners Group): Strategies to keep teams connected in 2021 took place.

In this forum, we were able to discover the plans and vision on the issue of three leaders in human capital management:

Mercedes Almendro – Director of Human Resources for Spain and International Division at Mahou San Miguel Jose Manuel Ruiz – Director of Human Resources for Iberia at Schweppes Suntory Javier Merino – Director of Talents at Grupo Oesia

The debate was moderated by Germán Rodriguez, Managing Partner of Activa Advice (Parangon Partners Group) and Juan Salas, Director of ERPM and HCM Business Development at Oracle.

In the first block of the meeting, which focused on how to maintain employees’ links with the company, Germán Rodríguez started the dialogue by sharing the main conclusions of a study conducted among 50 HRDs in which they indicated the following topics as their main concerns:

Efficiency during teleworking New regulation on teleworking Lack of results and performance culture New communication and leadership strategy

On the most popular initiatives:

Reinforcement of audiovisual content. Increased communication from CEOs to staff. More online training. Virtual and informal cafes with colleagues.

In this regard, Mercedes Almendro, shared projects that have been carried out in Mahou such as a program to help with the structuring of daily life, a temporary assignment office to promote project work or a white paper of good practices to scenario post-pandemic.

Javier Merino, from Oesia, focused on the pride felt by all his employees when he saw that his company played a critical role in the logistical management of health materials at the start of the pandemic and the feeling of “project of all. Than that the kind.

Jose Manuel Ruiz, of Schweppes Suntory, focused his intervention on plans to keep the illusion of his employees, in line with the values ​​of his brand. In addition, he explained how the creativity of leaders will become more important from now on.

The event included a second part devoted to how technology, and in particular artificial intelligence, can contribute to better emotional health of teams.

Juan Salas opened the debate by sharing the main findings of the AI ​​@ Work study conducted by Oracle and the consultancy firm Workplace Intelligence with more than 12,000 HR executives internationally:

78% of the workforce believe that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health 85% of respondents say that their mental health problems disrupt their sleep, worsen their physical condition, reduce their household well-being and social relationships 76% think that their company can do more to improve the mental health of their teams 68% would prefer to talk to a robot about their stress and anxiety at work with their boss 75% believe that artificial intelligence has improved their mental health while working by providing information on their workstation (31%), automating tasks (27%) and reducing stress (27%)

In this sense, Jose Manuel Ruiz emphasized the importance of the “human” and on how AI can help in the management of the company, without ever replacing the emotional capacity and decision making.

Mercedes Almendro also referred to the importance of applying emotional intelligence by people in their interaction with technology. He also shared the Ninja Project they set up in Mahou to promote the digital self-evolution of each employee.

Finally, Javier reflected on how the Oesia Group has enabled all of its tools and technologies to guarantee the continuity of all of its businesses.

All the participants agreed that the world will be different from now on, that digitization trends will accelerate and that reconciliation has a great opportunity with all the positive lessons learned during these months.

You can review the recorded version of the webinar here.

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