How to manage leaves and absences of employees in an agile and profitable way?


Summer 2021: How to manage employee leave and absences in an agile and profitable way?

Holidays, absences, permits … How to manage them legally? Relive the webinar ‘Make your absence management visible, optimize and digitize: How to make it easy, correct and profitable?’ organized by Cézanne RH and RRHHDigital

BY RRHHDigital, 02:00 – 23 June 2021

Yesterday, Tuesday June 22, took place the webinar “Making absence management visible, optimizing and digitizing it: How to make it easy, correct and profitable? », Organized by Cézanne RH and RRHHDigital, took place. In it, great experts in HR and labor law such as Sergio Moreno, HR strategic consultant at Cezanne HR; Carolina Cózar, labor advisor at the SHA Wellness Clinic; Eva Mª Lucero, legal editor of the Social Space of Lefebvre; and Sandra Sánchez, responsible for labor relations at CBL Logística, gave us the keys and the right solutions to manage absences in companies, answering questions like this:

How to legally manage absences? Can paternity and maternity leave be divided according to the tastes / needs of the work? Can workers benefit from extra time off if they have to look after their children or elders or should they be deducted from pay or vacation? What happens after the death of a family member? How to handle this situation? How to manage the “free” hours for medical examinations?

Do you want to know the answers? Don’t miss the webinar!

Click here to relive the webinar “Making absences management visible, optimizing and digitizing: how to make it easy, correct and profitable?”

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