How to manage the convergence of young talents and senior talents?

The apogee of intergenerational coexistence is approaching: how to manage the convergence of young talents and seniors?

The job market is constantly changing, constantly changing. The coronavirus has fueled a change that has been brewing for years. And one of those big changes that we have faced is the simultaneous coexistence of several generations in companies. Senior workers, over 40; millennia and centenarians; Or what is the same, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z already coincide in jobs, activities and businesses. And this is a great challenge for people management and for the work of HRDs.

This intergenerational coexistence on the labor market is gradually reaching its climax, its climax. And it is that in a few years, the dominant workforce will be that of employees who are now 40 and 50 years old with all that that implies: adaptation to new digital tools, training in innovative skills and knowledge, different ways of working. … But most important is the elimination of prejudices based on age.

And is that, right now, it doesn’t matter what you put in each person’s DNI; their abilities, their knowledge, their abilities … they have nothing to do with age. Today, we can find people in their fifties and even in their sixties who have mastered computers, mobile phones, who buy online and who perform well in the digital world that dominates reality, many seniors who know perform perfectly in environments as changing, agile and collaborative as those that exist in today’s job market.

For this reason, far from separating the generations, far from distinguishing between young talents and senior talents, the important thing is to know how to combine the skills of both in the search for productivity, performance and the benefit of companies and people. that make it up. Therefore, trying to unite, merge, two opposing points – at least numerically – can be differential in the present and in the future.

Raquel Roca and Ibai Martnez, at the HR Innovation Summit 2021

Precisely, given the importance of these aspects, at the HR Innovation Summit we will discover how human resource management can be vital for this necessary merger and to harness the potential that workers, whatever their age or generation, can. bring to the business and to the business. society in general.

And what better than to do it with, precisely, two people of different generations such as Raquel Roca, journalist, writer and expert in the future of work and intergenerational coexistence, and Ibai Martnez, co-founder of the TEAMLABS learning laboratory. . In their conversation, we will be able to extract the most important points in relation to the talent and characteristics of each generation, but we will also discover how this fusion of generations brings added value to organizations. You can’t miss this!

Raquel Roca HRIS2021 from Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21 on Vimeo.

The HR Innovation Summit, more exclusive than ever

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in compliance with current health measures and protocols, participation in the event this year will be limited to a maximum capacity of 300 participants in person, which makes this fourth edition of the HR Innovation Summit a very exclusive congress. Additionally, the day will be streamed worldwide so that no one anywhere in the world misses a single detail of the most anticipated and disruptive event in business and HR.

A congress that counts, for another year, with EY as main sponsor, and the institutional support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors. In addition, Aon, Cabify, Cigna, Hastee, Infojobs, Personio and The Adecco Group participate as Gold Sponsors, and Nationale-Nederlanden and Sodex only as Silver Sponsors. As a Bronze sponsor, the congress has the support of ncipy, NawaiamyVertis.BMW Madrides, the official vehicle of an event that also has the collaboration of companies such as Selecta, FrutalityoBarn de Salamanca, among others Coonices, the event agency and Events, the official technology provider.

Do you want to be part of the 4.0 revolution? Get your ticket now!

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