How to Maximize Employee Well-Being Through Minimum Cost Compensation and Benefits Programs

How to Maximize Employee Well-Being Through Minimum Cost Compensation and Benefits Programs

Providing these business benefits (and at zero cost to it) is an important step towards the kind of sustainable compensation for the business and truly quantifiable for the employee, towards recruiting and retaining talent, towards a well- be long term.

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 22 March 2021

In an environment like the current one in which ERTEs are already part of our lives, in which employees and companies adapt every day to an uncertain world, to a changing economy and to a new form of relationship between company and employee . It is necessary to find a way to harmonize the interests of companies and employees and to put in place sustainable remuneration policies for the company, which support the income statement. For many companies, now is not the time for pay raises, but retaining talent and maintaining employee engagement is still essential. It is then the moment to integrate provident plans perceived by the employee as a real remuneration and a substantial contribution to his economy.

The question would therefore be: what type of benefit is a real support to the employee’s economy and does not come from his salary or his salary?

Buying a home is one of the most important expenses to be around and for many years to come. More precisely, the financing that the employee signs for the purchase of his home, whether it is his first house (between 28 and 40 years old) or a change of house (from 40 years old) without forgetting the purchase of second residence accommodation. For either of these options, it is essential that the mortgage signed by the employee does not negatively define his current financial situation and that which he will have for many years to come.

The following will depend on the proper management of the funding you are going to sign:

The expenses to be paid each month on which will depend the greater or lesser ability of the employee to make ends meet and, therefore, the need to resort to emergency solutions with the associated stress calm down or just the opposite … What commissions will be obliged to pay if you decide to change banks to sign something better … The assurances that you signed by bank imposition and which you do not need or are very improvable or even included as compensation for his own business and a long and important etc …

Negotiating what is offered to an employee for their mortgage determines such a wide range of financial implications that it can be considered vital to their financial health for many years to come.

Providing this advantage of the company (and at zero cost for it) is an important step towards the type of sustainable remuneration for the company and truly quantifiable for the employee, towards the recruitment and retention of talent, towards a well- be perceived for the time being. to have this advantage and for many years.

Free financial advice for companies

Accuracy joined the employee benefits program of Carrefour, Aena, Novartis or KPMG, among others, providing financial advice at no cost to the employee and at no cost to the company. (link to the first press release). When an employee decides to buy a home and needs a mortgage, we provide them with all the negotiated offers so they can sign as best they can, given their circumstances.

We start from the assumption that the first thing that the employee finds when he wants a mortgage is a very improvable offer, without knowledge, without time and without the necessary information, he ends up signing something that can be greatly improved and which is decisive for its economy. We’re talking about improvements that involve thousands of dollars in interest savings, much lower payouts, a much smaller contribution from family savings to the purchase, among other benefits.

In short, the employee will have a much broader and clearer vision of the current banking situation and of what he can actually sign. On the other hand, it is a relief in many ways for the employee, to have this information, to have this certainty, to pay as little as one can pay for such a large expense and to be to feel supported in this way in the face of a really complicated situation. procedure for each of us as is. sign a mortgage in good condition.

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