How to meet this challenge of the digitalization of companies?

New obligation to register wages: how to meet the challenge of the digitization of companies?

Endalia, a company specializing in talent and people management through consulting, software outsourcing and human resources, will organize a webinar on November 5 entitled: “New employee registration requirement: how to meet this challenge. the digitization of companies? ” be taught by Javier Monge, Head of Payroll Services at Endalia, with extensive experience in this area.

The webinar, which will be free and live, is aimed particularly at human resources professionals, personnel administration and payroll managers, as well as professionals in senior positions. The session will focus on providing a broad and practical view of the Royal Decree on equal pay for women and men. In the webinar, the keys to performing a compensation audit and to ensuring the completion of the compensation case in accordance with the Royal Decree will be discussed. And, of course, how the right tools to deploy and manage the new obligation to record wages at the organizational level.

The content of the webinar will be as follows:

Analysis of Royal Decree 902/2020, on equal pay between women and men. Compensation audit: how to ensure that the organization respects the principle of equal pay. Compensation register: how to ensure updating and access to compensation information. Tools for the deployment and management of the new obligation to record wages.

Thus, the main objectives of this webinar are that after the session, the participants get a broad and practical view of the Royal Decree on equal pay. Likewise, they will have access to the knowledge necessary to carry out a remuneration audit and guarantee a remuneration history in accordance with the new obligation to record salaries.

Those interested in the subject can register for free at the following link.

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