How to obtain the “COVID certificate” to travel from July 1?

Updated: Friday, May 21, 2021 1:06 PM

Published on: 05/21/2021 1:05 PM

Spain is already in the process of finalizing the “ COVID certificate ” that the European Union intends to launch on July 1. While Health has yet to explain all of the steps to get it, it has already given some details on how it will work to speed up tourism across the European Union for this summer.

Among other information, this certificate will collect the vaccination of each of the travelers and, although it is not an essential requirement for travel, it will allow it to be done by avoiding border controls in the country of arrival. We explain how you can get the “ green digital certificate ”:

How did you get it?

This European certificate will be a document issued by the autonomous communities, it will be valid both in its paper version and via the mobile phone via a QR code which will guarantee the authenticity of the certificate.

The Ministry of Health, meanwhile, will be responsible for coordinating the registers and information systems that will issue vaccination certificates to citizens.

Once issued, travelers will only have to pass their QR code through a reader to avoid going through a waiting or security check at the borders of any country in the European Union. In addition, as the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias reported, “Spain is working intensively with the European Commission to extend this certificate to third countries”.

However, currently 7.7 million people in Spain are already vaccinated against COVID and the government expects that by then that number will reach between 20 and 25 million people. All have a document issued on the same day of vaccination in which the date of vaccination, the vaccine supplied and the batch inoculated are indicated.

A document with which some countries already authorize entry at their borders. This is the case, for example, of Spain, which announced today that from June 7 it will allow unrestricted entry of anyone immunized with a vaccine approved by the EMA or the WHO.

This is the first step for a reopening of international tourism amid the group vaccination race in August.

What are the advantages of the “COVID certificate”?

The “COVID certificate” will be issued in two languages ​​(that of the country of origin and English) and will be available throughout the EU from July 1. It is a certificate that will be free and universal. Any citizen of the European Union can access it and it will in no case be used as a ground of discrimination between tourists.

In it, it will be justified if the person who has it is vaccinated or has a negative result in a PCR in order to avoid any type of verification on arrival at your tourist destination.

As the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez explained, this is not a passport or an essential requirement to travel, but rather an instrument that will facilitate mobility to be able to live a summer closer to the pre-pandemics. Unvaccinated citizens will therefore also be able to travel within the EU.

The certificate will not automatically release the traveler from the obligation to comply with restrictive measures upon arrival at destination, such as compliance with a quarantine or a new PCR test, but it includes the commitment of the Member States to refrain in principle from imposing such additional measures.

The European Union, however, has not accepted the gratitude of the PCRs linked to the certificate, even though it considers that they must be “affordable” for all Europeans.

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