How to prevent ‘pandemic fatigue’ from affecting the productivity of our employees


How to prevent ‘pandemic fatigue’ from affecting the productivity of our employees

Fed up, boredom, sadness, worry … these are very common feelings today, after a year of the pandemic, and they can take root in work teams and cause a decline in productivity, creativity and ‘commitment.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 11 March 2021

According to published studies, half of employees say they are blocked by the uncertainty of the moment. After a year of health crisis, the mental and emotional health of workers can suffer and emotions such as sadness, apathy or exhaustion begin to surface. In contrast, the imposition of teleworking in many companies has contributed to an unfavorable feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Pese a que esos sentimientos son completamente normal, tal y como est destaca desde la Escuela de Competencias para la Vida y la Salud, el problema viene cuando todo ese cmulo de emociones asociadas a la situacin actual se enquistan en los empleados y tienen una consecuencia directa at work.

How to detect it? What are the keys to resolving the situation?

“Telecommuting has undoubtedly brought many benefits. This means that many companies can continue to operate and employees can reconcile. But remote work and the situation of pandemic fatigue have led many workers to feel demotivated, to become sedentary and all this translates into a drop in productivity, ”analyzes Ngela Jordana, director and founder of the School of skills for life and health.

One of the main warning signs that can be detected and which reflects the lack of cohesion of the teams and their blockage is that one will notice how much mistrust is increasing, which manifests itself in many ways: more meetings, of controls, indicators. .. On the other hand, it can also be noted that, on a personal level, the level of personal demand increases due to the need to be seen, appreciated and recognized. It manifests as an excess of hyperactivity or hyperactivity, although without clear goals and approaches.

How can we unlock these teams? The key is to stop suffering for all of those things that rob us of focus, energy, and most of all, are not that important. Some keys to achieve this, individually and to apply with teams are:

Every morning, every evening, reserve intimate spaces, to be alone for you. Moments to renew your outlook and your confidence in yourself and those around you and to accompany you at work, your teams, your family … Learn to read or listen to soft music. Engage in active meditation. At least 3 times a day. You can do this while you are walking, cooking, showering, dancing … It is about realizing that you are alive, here and now. For 5-10 minutes, breathe and observe yourself trying to imagine all the interrelationships that are happening in your body with the air moving from cell to cell, which allows you to be here, totally connected to yourself – even. Organize your time by balancing your priorities. Put your day in order and block out holy time! for you, so that what matters most to you is now on your agenda You are the most important thing in your life and, of course, if you want to be well with those around you, without concealment or concealment, you have the key to your serenity and your well-being. Do not be afraid that you will be accepted or not, dear, appreciated. Follow your life goal, feel the joy of knowing that you are here and that you live and work for and for something that is beyond the opinion of others, even your special interests. Enjoy and feel the power of knowing that you were born to serve.

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