How to promote diversity and inclusion strategies for the LGTBI community in companies

How to promote diversity and inclusion strategies for the LGTBI community in companies

Santiago Villa, CEO of Generali Espaa, shared his impressions with Miguel Castro, President of the REDI Association and Director of Diversity and Inclusion of SAP Worldwide

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 p.m. – January 22, 2021

Generali, in its commitment to inclusion and diversity, held a digital meeting with REDI, the first inter-company network and experts in the field of diversity and inclusion of LGTBI employees in Spain and whose the insurer has been a member since last September.

The meeting brought together Santiago Villa, CEO of GENERALI Espaa, and Miguel Castro, president of the REDI association and director of diversity and inclusion of SAP in the world, and revolved around the LGTBI collective in the environment of business, highlight aspects such as the main reasons which give rise to the need to promote a specific policy for the group, the awareness of the different realities envisaged within the group or the importance of an inclusive language.

Santiago Villa, CEO of Generali Espaa, assured that this meeting had allowed “to reaffirm even more the commitment that we all have at Generali with the LGTBI community. For us, integrating diversity is not only a question of equal opportunities, but it also promotes innovation and brings us closer to the social reality in which we live, a key element to continue to grow as a company ” .

For his part, Miguel Castro, president of REDI, recalled that “it is estimated that employees who openly express their sexual orientation in the workplace increase their productivity by 25%. This figure clearly illustrates the importance of working on the diversity of the LGTBI collective in the company ”.

Nearly 200 employees of the insurance company connected remotely to follow the progress of the conference in which, in addition, they had the opportunity to dispel their doubts on the subject.

Diversity and inclusion strategy

2020 marked the starting point of General’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy for the LGTBI collective. On the basis of United Nations standards, work is underway on the development of human resources policies common to countries. Key initiatives include the creation of We Proud, the world’s first group of employee volunteers to support LGBTI employees and their allies to improve inclusion in the workplace and raise awareness of the challenges they face. employees in this group face and improve their understanding of the needs of a diverse team and clients.

In Spain, this strategy materialized in less than a year with the creation of a specific group to work on LGTBI Diversity and Inclusion, by carrying out a study on the perception of employees to establish the starting point and specific needs. , as well as various visibility actions. These actions also include membership in the REDI Association and the organization of events such as this meeting.

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