How to promote healthy measures in companies?

Almost 40% of fatal work accidents are due to cardiovascular diseases: how to promote healthy measures in companies?

The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) recalls that taking care of the health of workers is now more vital than ever, “not only to improve their quality of life, but also to increase the productivity of companies”.

BY RRHHDigital, 02:00 – 05 March 2021

Almost 40% of fatal work accidents occurred in 2020; specifically, 38.31% were due to cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes). This emerges from the progress of statistics on occupational accidents prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, which thus places cardiovascular diseases as the leading cause of death during the working day. According to these data, in 2020 there were 565 fatal work accidents, 95% of which were among men and 5% among women. Of these, 228 were due to myocardial infarctions and strokes compared to 194 recorded for these same causes in 2019, which represents an increase of 17.53%.

The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) focuses on this data to remind itself that taking care of the health of workers is more vital than ever today. According to Dr Carlos Macaya, president of the FEC, “investing ‘in the health of workers would improve not only their quality of life, but also the productivity of companies, an outstanding problem in Spain”.

And it is that, as the president of the FEC reminds us, “contrary to what one can believe, the cardiovascular diseases do not only affect the aging of the population, but are also very widespread among the working population” .

In fact, the latest national health survey shows that the prevalence of cardiovascular metabolic risk factors and other chronic diseases in the Spanish adult population continues to increase. Thus, 19.8% of Spaniards report having high blood pressure; 17.9%, high cholesterol; 17.4% obesity and 7.8% diabetes.

Commercial Heart Health Programs (PECS)

To improve the cardiovascular health of workers, the FEC promotes the Cardiosaludables Business Program (PECS) with the conviction that by promoting better lifestyles and promoting healthy measures in the workplace, we can prevent the occurrence of diseases. cardiovascular. And it is that good cardiovascular health promotes personal development and generates better professional performance.

Recommendations for reducing cardiovascular risk in the workplace:

Walking or cycling to work is a good option for daily physical activity. It is important to remember that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity. In the office, avoid sitting for long periods in front of the computer. It is convenient to get up every two hours and stretch your legs to promote circulation. In the case of a restaurant meal, if you take the prepared food, you must make sure that it is healthy and varied. Likewise, if the option is to go to a restaurant regularly. Vegetables, legumes, fruits and fish must be present in our menu. It is also important to reduce stress levels and to disconnect from work during free time.

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