How to promote intrapreneurship in your business

Motivation, innovation … these are just some of the benefits that intrapreneurship brings to the company. More and more companies are choosing to promote this type of entrepreneurship among their employees. But how do you do it? And above all, where to start? The spokesperson for the International Institute of Intrapreneurship, Frank Moreno, gives the keys to success.

The first step in enhancing the intrapreneurial culture within the organization is to carry out an analysis and a diagnosis. The company, says Moreno, must make a diagnosis of the current situation of the organization compared to the intrapreneurial culture. Then it is advisable to nominate a person or a group of them so that they can implement the new culture of entrepreneurship in the company.

Once a manager has been appointed, it will be the turn to train the workers. Training should be provided at all levels of the company. According to Moreno, training must take place at the level of middle managers and executives. Each level of the company, specifies the spokesperson for the Intrapreneurship Institute, must know what intrapreneurship is, how to develop it and the benefits it brings.

After the training, you will need to define the objectives to be achieved and budget for the strategy. In addition, it is important to have technical and technological resources and to publicize these types of initiatives.

On the other hand, let us remember that the benefits of intrapreneurship for the company are “qualitatively and quantitatively incalculable”. To do this, he compares the Spanish situation to that of countries like the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Israel or the Scandinavian countries.

“Tangible benefits are obtained in terms of saving resources, optimizing time and investments, streamlining tasks and procedures, simplifying and eliminating errors, gaps and shortcomings in the domains and services, ”he warns.

Likewise, Moreno underlines that intrapreneurship produces “strong synergies in the fluidity of internal and external communication” of the company and contributes to reducing the administrative burden and improving the internal satisfaction of the company.

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