How to promote sustainability in business management

Solunion, the credit insurance, bonding and services company associated with business risk management, has joined Fortica, the leading business organization for sustainability and social responsibility in Spain, to continue to focus on sustainability and its integration into business management processes.

Thanks to this alliance, Solunion reaffirms its commitment to socially responsible and sustainable development, as set out in its policy of social responsibility and sustainable development. This document establishes the general principles and constitutes the basis which governs the strategy of sustainable development of the company and guarantees that all its corporate and commercial activities are carried out by promoting the creation of value in a sustainable way for the company, the citizens, the customers. , the shareholders and the communities where Solunion is present.

As a member of Fortica, representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Spain, Solunion will participate in sessions on sustainability trends, corporate leadership platforms focused on environmental aspects and social, and various initiatives to promote aspects of good governance. Among them is the commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the incorporation of which into the working day is part of the Solunion culture through the generation of economic, social and environmental wealth in all countries. where the business operates.

“We are very happy to join Fortica as a strategic partner. Joining a platform made up of more than 200 partners who share our values ​​and our commitments allows us to continue moving forward to, together, achieve a more sustainable future ”, says Ernesto Rodríguez, Corporate Director of People, Sustainability and Media at Solunion.

“The integration of Solunion into the Fortica network, made up of more than 200 partners, represents a clear commitment to strengthen the environmental, social and good governance aspects of the organization, with the aim of increasing ambition, action and strengthen the alliances necessary to promote an inclusive and sustainable recovery, ”said Germn Granda, CEO of Fortica.

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