How to promote the Remote-First culture in companies

All full-time employees of the Small Business Design and Marketing partner who are part of the Remote-First model, where telecommuting is a priority, will receive a half-day off every Friday in July and August.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:45 – 18 August 2021

To extend its successful model of permanent teleworking, Vistaprint rolled out the Recharge Days program worldwide this summer to all of its Remote-First employees.

In order to prioritize teleworking, Vistaprint’s Remote-First strategy encourages asynchronous and collaborative ways of working. This model received significant recognition in the United States, where Vistaprint was included in the official list of the best Remote-First companies to work for in the Built In report for 2021.

As part of the Recharge Days program, all full-time Remote-First employees receive a half-day off every Friday in July and August. The program will be active this summer.

The introduction of our Recharge Days program is a step forward in promoting work-life balance and improving the well-being of Vistaprint teams, said Paul McKinley, Vistaprint vice president of communications. This is an important step in our commitment to the Remote-First model, which aims to create an environment and culture in which team members can thrive and be more active, productive and engaged to generate better business results.

In Spain, the number of teleworking employees triples

With the changes in the world of work due to the pandemic, telecommuting is becoming popular and businesses around the world are increasingly accepting it. According to ONTSI, in Spain, the percentage of employees who telecommute has tripled during the pandemic. In addition, over the past year 74% of Spanish companies have provided their employees with devices enabling mobile internet connections for business use.

Vistaprint was one of the first companies to decide to opt for this model where teleworking is a priority on a global level. After a few months, the vast majority of our team members told us that they would prefer to telecommute all the time, at least for most of their working hours, explains Cristina Pujol, Country Manager at Vistaprint Spain.

Our strategy to prioritize telecommuting has created opportunities for our employees and to hire new talent, resulting in a more geographically diverse team with diverse perspectives and cultural experiences that underpin our business and culture.

Vistaprint believes its Remote-First model will raise the bar in many ways – from flexibility in the workplace to overall team cohesion. The evolution brought about by the prioritization of teleworking will make companies and employees more productive all over the world and will contribute to the success of the company.

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