How to properly manage diversity, workforce and compensation in companies?

How to properly manage diversity, workforce and compensation in companies?

The most powerful and successful businesses today are those that know how to use data. In addition to forming the technological foundations of large companies, big data has transformed HR from a management function into a strategic asset for the company. However, there are still many obstacles that prevent companies from exploiting the large amount of data that exists.

With the aim of helping companies analyze their diversity and better allocate their personnel resources, ADP, a world leader in the use of technology for human capital management (GCH), presents its ADP® iHCM data solution Cloud Analytics. “We want to offer customers tools with which they can access their employees’ data and which are able, thanks to science and artificial intelligence, to analyze ideas and trends”, explains Juan Jesús Palacios, ADP iHCM Product Marketing Director. “Without the right tools, the sheer volume of data a business must manage can be overwhelming: difficulties in managing legal reports; lack of standardized data; Insufficient visibility on the trends of human teams or difficulty in assessing the salary cost ”.

Additionally, ADP® iHCM Data Cloud Analytics helps answer common business questions that were previously difficult or required custom analytics projects. These issues, involving diversity and organizational comparisons with other companies, represent some of the most important issues in the workplace today. To do this, the tool has a library of standard business and legal reports on topics such as absenteeism, headcount and compensation, and premium reports on specific issues such as the pay gap between employees. sexes.

ADP® iHCM Data Cloud Analytics enables you to identify team trends and diagnose issues as they arise. In addition, it offers a large number of parameters that make it possible to calibrate the quantifiable components of the performance of the company, for example, the workforce, hirings, breaches of contract or the turnover rate. It gives access to more than 20 standard and personalized analyzes of Human Capital Management organized in different categories.

The solution is available as a web application, has an interactive design and can be used in multiple languages. In addition, it integrates a search engine with dynamic filters that allow you to generate personalized and editable reports on employees, payroll and HR. Finally, it includes the role limitation feature, in which the author can decide whether or not to share the report and limit access based on the profile.

“With this tool, we are taking a new step forward to help organizations analyze their data so that they can offer new perspectives concerning not only the improvement of the company, but also the needs of their employees”, adds Juan Jesús. .

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