How to reduce the rate of accidents at work? Three solutions to improve worker safety

How to reduce the rate of accidents at work? Three solutions to improve worker safety

Social workers tend to devote moments of deep reflection at the start of each new year. In the case of companies, the reflections aim to improve the safety of their workers as one of their main objectives, in particular after a 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic and an early 2021 dominated by the storm Filomena.

Companies such as Dräger, a leader in safety and medical technology to protect and save lives, provide multiple solutions that can improve workplace safety in hospitals, first responders, government agencies and industries around the world. whole.

Anti COVID-19 measures

The last year 2020 was marked by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. To maintain their activity, companies have had to adapt to new circumstances and provide their workers with the protection necessary to prevent the transmission of the disease.

During this new year, and during vaccination campaigns, this obligation will continue to be present and Dräger offers many personal protective products (PPE), such as FFP2 masks, which guarantee protection against the virus, also in closed spaces. . This type of mask, as well as the FFP3, indicated for certain hazardous uses, are capable of filtering up to 94% and 99% of particles respectively.

In this sense, the company also offers other respiratory protection equipment intended for continuous exposure to different gases and dusts: dust masks, full masks or half-masks with filters, perfect for working in industrial or closed spaces. where there is a risk of exposure. to gases and toxic substances. In addition, some of these protections have communication mechanisms capable of always guaranteeing the best performance of activities and their total control by the teams.

Air quality and filtering

For industrial, commercial and public building activities, the German multinational offers multiple solutions such as equipment and technologies for the protection and maintenance of installations. One example is fixed and portable harmful gas detectors, such as the Dräger Pac, capable of continuously monitoring the working atmosphere to ensure the well-being of employees.

Prevention of occupational risks

Dräger has extensive experience in the development of products that ensure compliance with occupational risk prevention (ORP) regulations and that fully protect workers. For example, it provides protective equipment for firefighters, such as helmets and self-contained equipment, as well as the equipment required to maintain this and other equipment.

With this experience, the company is also present in the protection and equipment of other high-risk workers, such as those dedicated to mining. It provides you with closed-circuit breathing equipment or evacuation chambers that create secure spaces. In addition, all these teams have state-of-the-art tools to facilitate their permanent electronic and automated monitoring.

Dionisio Martínez de Velasco, Managing Director of Dräger Iberia affirms that: “Dräger Technology for Life offers the best solutions for the safety of workers who trust us for their well-being thanks to our vast experience and good results”.

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